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  • Small concrete pond removal?

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    Hello - I am looking for a handy person with the tools and skills to break up and remove - or at the very least break up - a small concrete pond (2 1/2' x 3 1/2 ') from my backyard to facilitate a stump removal. It's fairly thick, and a jackhammer might be required. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    I used Sons of Odin Hauling to demo and remove an old shed on my property -- they were reasonably priced and great. They are a small business, and thus phone calls were a bit late to be returned because they are on the road a lot, so if you are okay being patient they can be a good option. I would for sure use them for demo again. 

  • The previous owners installed an approximately 20'x40', four-hole putting green in our backyard. We would like to remove it and are seeking recommendations for a professional who can remove the green, break up the concrete, and haul the materials away. Regrading and spreading soil would be a bonus.


    I have used Son's of Odin for demo work. First time in 2013 was a complete gut of our 1937 bathroom. The second was last fall of our outside concrete stairs that had become detached from the house. This was solid concrete and a beast to remove. They are professional, clean up well afterwards, fair priced.

    Best of luck!


  • Small backyard demo—recommendations?

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    Hi friends. Can anyone recommend someone who could take down a 12x12’ structure in my backyard and remove the concrete pad underneath? The thing is wired for electric.

    Kind of a small job but still too big for me to do on my own.


    We recently used Sons of Odin Hauling & Demo to demo a concrete pad and carport.  The carport did not have electricity but they are likely more than able to switch off the power and disconnect at the garage.  They were very efficient, friendly, and did a good job for us.  

  • Cleaning roofing debris out of attic

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    We had our roof replaced several years ago and the roofers left the debris in our attic. We are having insulation put in and the insulation company quoted us $1700 to clear it out. This seems excessive. Is there something I’m missing about the challenge of this job? Does anyone have a handiperson or someone to recommend for this job? What type of contractor can do this?

    The price quoted is not only for taking the debris out but for disposal as well. Without seeing the amount of trash and how accessible your attic is it's hard to judge whether the quote is excessive or not. You should get a few quotes from trash haulers, they might cost less. Try Jose Diaz Hauling 510 825-4218, I've used them several times and they are responsible and reasonably priced. 

    We had the same issue.  A ton of debris in the attic crawlspace.  I didn't realize this until I looked up there one time and this was years after the roof was replaced.  When I had remodeling and had electrical upgrade done I just asked my general contractor to remove the debris.  He had one of his men do the work.  It took three days for one man to do it.  Not an easy accessible space in my house.  There was 3 big bagfuls of debris. It cost me $1200 plus piece of mind.  The roofer who replaced my old cedar shake roof never said anything about the debris or giving me the option of cle

    We had the company we used for insulation work (Atticare) remove the roofing debris from our attic and it was included in their quote, which I thought was very reasonable. They used a high-powered vacuum to get the roofing material out. I can't believe that roofers do this and how many stories I've heard from homeowner's on this topic.

    I would think that in most cases, paying hourly for this type of work would be quite expensive.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Someone to haul away old sofa

May 2012

I need someone to haul away a sleeper sofa in a responsible manner. The sofa is too worn to give away or to Goodwill. Does anyone have a recommendation? kg

I just met Leslie, the owner of Two Strong Women Haul (away anything anytime)! I haven't used her service, but I liked her - she seemed ready to get the job done. If you'd like to give her a try, you can reach her at  2strongwomenhaulaway [at] ( ) Good luck

Someone to haul away large pipes that may have asbestos

April 2012

We have a few pipes that we've been told have asbestos. We are looking for someone to haul it away to a hazardous place that can properly dispose of it, which is apparently not in Alameda County. The pipes are not large- maybe 5 feet, and the hazmat companies I've called have minimum charges that seems like a lot of just a few things. The pipes are not attached to anything, so it's basically hauling it away safely. Any suggestions? Thank you. anon

Call Dido's Services at 510-507-4423. I'm not sure if he handles asbestos but if he does, the service he provides is extraordinary. If not, he may be able to direct you to someone who does. We have used him for numerous jobs and earlier this week I had him demolish and haul away the debris from a large sturdy workshop. This is why I recommend him so highly:

1) His bids for jobs are always extremely reasonable (to the point that I sometimes pay him more than he asks).

2) He has always been 100% reliable and timely in returning phone calls, showing up for jobs, etc. (No excuses)

3) His workers are also friendly, responsive, and careful (ex: they took down this shed while working in a tight space around 2 trees we wanted to keep)

4) His crew finished this enormous job in less than 3 hours and left the whole work area totally clean, raked, and debris-free.

5) There were a number of places in the job where they appropriately came to ask me for direction to make sure that things were handled in the way I wanted them taken care of. Their questions were insightful and necessary to my satisfaction. They did not bother me with any unnecessary questions.

6) He is an expert at what he does- (Ex: Figured out how to get a ton of debris down from an isolated area behind a house and brought a ramp which allowed his crew to get the debris efficiently into the truck in spite of no street access from the sidewalk area. Showed up with an enormous truck which I thought was way too big but which was just big enough for this job)

7) He's a delightful, warm human being and a pleasure to do business with!

All the best of luck! Andrea B

Tear down old shed and haul it away

Oct 2011

Can you recommend a reliable and reasonably priced person/team for some basic demolition (old shed - wood/stucco), including hauling? Also potentially cement demo & removal. Thanks! Tara

These guys came in and demolished the old storage shed we had in our back yard. It was done fast and very clean work. I ended up rebuilding bigger storage shed with them. Contact JB Construction owner directly at (510) 735-4052 Baha, or you can e-mail: powerlabor [at] They are member of BBB, great reviews. Cristina

Hauling away large amount of yard debris

June 2011

We're finally removing 60 year old junipers and other plants from our yard so we can landscape. We are trying to do a lot of the work ourselves. Any recommendations for how to handle the large volume of yard/green waste? I could rent a truck and take it to the dump, but does anyone have a better idea? Cheap hauling perhaps, or where to take it to a compost situation? Any thoughts are helpful. Thanks! Overwhelmed by bushes

We cleared out our yard by posting stuff like this on craigslist under the 'free' category. The juniper trees can be called 'firewood, wet' and the other stuff might attract folks who are composting. I've found that folks invariably find a way to get themselves a pickup truck and friend to help them on a Saturday morning. Ruby

I think most bay area cities, like Berkeley, offer reduced dumping fees for yard debris. Same for dumpsters and dumpster companies like the one I just used: (DA Services). Loved having a dumpster.

Jose Galaz has extensive experience doing landscaping work, from building retaining walls and outdoor kitchen areas, to re-seeding grass and sod and laying patio stones, to hauling dirt and any kind of debris. Call him directly at 925-812-0514. I am happy to talk to you about his continued work for us over the past 10 years. His prices are low relative to anyone around with his experience. aekm

Help removing a fence

May 2011

We're looking for recommendations for someone to remove an approx. 8 ft fence in our backyard (which is covered in ivy). There's potentially a little more to be done, but it's a small job. We are looking for someone reasonable and conscientious. Thanks in advance for any insight! Jen

I recommend Thomas Banks for jobs like this. He's creative, thorough and basically willing to tackle any job of this sort. He's done a few jobs for us around our house and I was not only really satisfied with his work, he's considerate, kind and comes from the heart. His business is called Honey Be Handy and his number is: 510.978.5679

Clearing yard for foundation replacement

Feb 2011

We are about to embark on a foundation replacement and need to clear our yard, as we plan to dig out the soil and replace it while we have big earth moving equipment on site for the larger project. The yard is entirely overgrown, but we'd like to salvage (for trade/friends/front strip planting/gifting) the many bulbs, roses and other bushes and plants that may be able to survive transplanting. Please send recommendations my way, as it's getting awfully warm for January and I'm afraid it may soon be too late to save them all! tamara

I highly recommend Nick Allen for hauling, odd jobs, moving, and clearing brush & yard debris. Great for dump runs -- has a big truck and is an incredibly hard worker. Reasonable prices. He's in the East Bay, but willing to work through the tunnel. You can contact him at 510-499-4953.

We used Fast Haul to remove a sea of broken concrete, clots of crabgrass embedded in clay, and a listing outdoor brick BBQ - all of which needed to be carted via wheelbarrow to the street. The quote was extremely reasonable and the team was amazing: prompt (they even worked through the rain to meet a deadline that we'd established when the weather was better), courteous (foreman Leonardo Martins checked repeatedly to ensure work was done to our standards), and very careful of our property (they kept our flowerbeds intact, managed to extract the brick and concrete from a wooden pergola without creating any damage to the structure, and washed everything down before they left). They even threw in hauling away additional trash that we'd accumulated and weren't sure what to do with (like old paint and sheets of fiberglass). It's a wonderful, and sadly rare thing, to get both affordability and high quality standards! I would recommend them for any hauling project. Kathy

2009 - 2010 Reviews

Demolition/deconstruction/hauling needed

Oct 2010

Looking for someone to tear down a builing in our backyard and haul away the materials. The reviews on the demolition & hauling are very old. thanks Kathy

I'm an Architect in Berkeley and I recommend DaSilva hauling. They are prompt, clean, curteous and very resonably priced. I use them for all of my demolition/hauling/excavation projects and always recommend them as top choice when I'm asked for a referral. Call Joa (John) DaSilva. 510-207-2479 He is very professional and reasonbly priced. cb

Basement & Storage Shed Cleanup and Haulaway

Jan 2009

We're looking for help clearing years of junk and clutter from both our basement and garden shed. We need a service that will clear the clutter and haul it away as well. Help!

I've used ''Two Strong Women Haul Away'' twice in the past 3 mos, and they are GREAT - no fuss, no muss, broom clean & empty when they leave. Also good: they recycle/re-purpose/donate locally on anything they can. Smart, funny, great folks; will definitely use them again. 2strongwomenhaulaway [at]
p.s. found them here, on BPN! -- Happy Customer

Try Sam of Sam's hauling. I am a remodeling contractor and have found Sam's rates to be more economical than the competition. He is also a charming and respectful individual. His phone # is 510 967-8913 George

I've used two different services.. For smaller jobs try: If you've got a lot of stuff that should be re-used/recycled, or if you have a bigger job, try: I think both companies will do some organizing in addition to hauling. Judiah

Alejandro Morales at 510-224-6969 has a truck and trailer to haul. He works with a team of sons and brothers, is reliable, hard working, and is fair in pricing. - satisfied

2007 - 2008 Reviews

Junk in driveway needs to be hauled away

May 2008

We have a bunch of junk in our driveway that needs to be hauled away. Most of it is just household items, but there are some old, rusted bicycles, some concrete and even a broken down sofa-bed. Can anyone recommend a reliable crew to haul the debris away? We live in north Berkeley. Thanks in advance!

If you want to help a local business and get good service, you want to to contact Leslie Wheeler at Two Strong Women Hauling. 2strongwomenhaulaway [at] She's also the mother of a great babysitter who I got off of BPN as well. So she's very reliable.
no longer got junk

Feb 2008

Re: Landscaping on a budget & removing grass
I would recommend FastHaul (1-800-919-4285 or 1-800-919-HAUL or They are great. I've used them twice now on two straightforward home/garden jobs. Both jobs involved removing concrete sidewalks around my house and a concrete planter. I could have had them lay stepping stones and help with yardwork, but my husband and I decided we'd take that on. Fasthaul was reliable, on-time, efficient, courteous and fast! They may be suited for your jobs. camille

2005 - 2006 Reviews

December 2006

I have found a great person for Hauling right here on BPN. Gil Moaz at Gil's Hauling. He is extremely quick to respond to phone calls, his prices are fair (considering there are no more close dumps, only sorting facilities) and his crew does the most amazing post-job clean-up. Often times, he leaves the area where the junk pile was, cleaner than before the junk was there. I absolutely recommend him without reservation and I have used him 5 times already. Call Gil at: (510) 665-9128

October 2005

We recently hired Rogelio Gutierrez to haul away some yard debris, as well as several yards of dirt. He was punctual and reliable, communicated clearly, and offered a very fair price (we'd gotten a few other bids as well, and his was by far the least expensive). He can be reached on his cell at 510-913-0233. Paula B

October 2005

My husband and I would like to recommend a demolition and hauling company called Santana Hauling (510) 772-9279 or (510) 376-7299. We had a lot of concrete, gravel, shrubs, trees, and a 25 ft retaining wall removed. I contacted every demo & hauling company that was recommended on BPN and their quotes were almost twice as much as Santana Hauling. Santana Hauling also removed a huge garage from my neighbor's sideyard (that is how we discovered them), and the workers were courteous, quick, and cleaned up leaving the site better than before. The owner is named Santana. Lee

July 2005

I moved into a house with a huge yard which had been untended for years. Robert Datta responded to my craigslist posting for help, and the place has been transformed. His card reads: dirt rock lumber scrap metal tree removal decking fencing general debris appliance furniture soft demolition weekly monthly svc. garage clean-out basement clean-out. He is conscientious and responsible and has 2 young children of his own. The numbers are 847-5882 and 524-7652. Linda

March 2005

I would like to find someone to do a dump run for me (one truck-load worth of stuff). Can anyone recommend someone they've used before? I'd be willing to pay $50 - $75 for the run (plus dump fees). clay

For the person looking for a someone to do hauling/dump run, you can contact Peter at VanDeusen Hauling at 339-1019. He has done a lot of work for us -- clean up in our very over grown backyard and all our hauling. Mary Linda

Feb 2005

for those who are in need of hauling and demolition ... there a company named x-1 hauling , the owner (matt) is very reasonable , he does demolitions , concrete and dirt removal , bobcat service etc.he is licensed & insured, his number is 510-978-9010, my husband is a contractor and has been using this guy for over five years. ritz

2004 & Earlier

Dec 2004

I'm looking for an updated recommendation for someone to haul away junk. Lots of cardboard and misc. items too large for a trash can. Thanks sharon

Re: junk removal/small hauling
I am pleased to recommend Tommy's Hauling (510-882-4738). They do general clean-up, demolition, dirt/concrete and yard work. I called them to get rid of some demolition debris and yard waste, and ended up also hiring them to do some yard work and demolishing a rotting, obsolete, exterior staircase. They were great! They knew when to ask questions (like when taking out the concrete footing of the stairs would have damaged the surrounding concrete patio), but didn't need to be micromanaged. When they were done the yard was pristine, and considering that it started covered with many years growth of an invasive morning glory vine and abandoned property from years of revolving tenants, that's saying a lot. I was very, very happy with their service and would definitely use them again. Carrie

August 2003

We have a bunch of junk in our sideyard that needs hauling away. Size-wise, it is ~4 large garbage bags full, with nearly half of it large pieces of polystyrene, so it is not heavy, but it our bulky trash pickup day is 6 months away, and we are sick of looking at it. Any recommendations of someone who is willing to take such a small job? I cannot fit it into my car to take it somewhere myself. Thanks! Ellen

I had a small job a few months ago and found a wonderful, friendly woman to clear it all away for me. Her name is Ariel Levy. She has a truck and a friend, and no job is too small. Her number is 510-452-4211. Jennifer

June 2002

For a Father's Day surprise for my better half, I would like to arrange to hire someone to come and haul away to the dump old stuff (some construction debris, old cement, a sink...and no, it doesn't have to be done ON Father's Day!) that is piling up in our yard. There are maybe two small-pick-up-sized loads, and the hauler is welcome to ''salvage'' anything that we have labeled junk. I checked the website and only got one viable name; I would love to have recommendations of who to call for a reasonable estimate (and maybe even who to avoid)? Thanks! Karen

Happy to recommend Dido Services for hauling. nice and reasonable, and recommended by a gardener when I was selling my house, to haul away all the debris she created! Dido also came and hauled a large wooden playhouse from my old place to my new place for far less than another quoted me. Dido Services: (510) 527-3440 nancy

I have used Francisco Di Domenico (listed on the network archives), for haulage and found him to be very good, reasonable rates. Mary

Try Gil Maoz. He has a bobcat and does just the sort of thing you are looking for, and also has a hauling company too. (He is not a landscaper) He's easy to work with, nice and professional. You can reach him at Gil's Hauling 665-9128. Leah

I am in the process of getting rid of lots of junk in my house in El Cerrito. I have numerous funky boxes with junk that needs to be hauled soon--basically raggy clothes mixed in with dampish papers, broken appliances, non usable toys, odds and ends, and other miscellaneous stuff. Can anyone recommend a service that could just come and haul all of these boxes out of my garage. Depending on the size of the truck it might take two trips. Also what are the going rates for this service? I'm on a tight budget. Thanks!

East Bay Sanitary, El Cerrito's trash pickup, allows one ''free'' big pick up each year. They have specific parameters on what they will take for free (12 bags or boxes of a certain size). However, you can put anything (and let me tell you we put everything!) out and they will take it for a fee. We had about two truck's worth of stuff and they took it all, part went towards the free pickup and the other we paid about $120. Call them to get the information and arrange pick-up. Allison

April 2002

This message is directed at Karen, who wants to get rid of a yard full of lava rocks, and anyone else in a similar situation. The solution is simple: post a ''Free Lava Rocks!'' ad on Craig's List, a free online advertising and community resource in the Bay Area. The URL is Choose the ''east bay'' Craig's List in the upper right corner; then click the ''barter/swap/free'' option under the ''Sale/Wanted'' category. My front yard, about 20' X 20', was a good four inches deep with lava rocks until last month. I ran my freebie ad on a Monday; by Friday, almost all of the rocks were gone, taken by folks who wanted 'em. The rocks went to new homes, rather than the landfill, and I didn't have to pay a nickel to have them removed. Fabu all around! Cathy

Someone to tear down an old garage


We are looking for someone to tear down two small structures on our property: an old garage and a dilapidated cottage. Any recommendations forsomeone who can do this and haul it all away while they're at it? -Margaret

Francisco Di Domenico (Franko) 510/526-8549. Efficient and reliable: excavation, hauling, roof removal, demolition. Doug and Jean

I can recommend Felix Severino at 510 558 0819 for demolition and haulage work. He has done haulage work for us and regularly does demolition and haulage work for various contractors in the East Bay. He is from Brazil so bear in mind that English is his second language. He will do a great job and his prices are reasonable. -Mary