Someone to haul away old furniture

We are rearranging our house and need to someone to take two or three old bookcases to the dump -- they aren't in good enough shape to give away. The hauler would have to carry them out of the house down 5 stairs. Suggestions for companies other people have used? We're in the Berkeley flats. Bulky waste probably won't work because I can't help carry it down the stairs.

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Highly recommend Junkcat. They are local, speedy and reliable. 510-586-5228. I’ve used them at least 3 times in the last 3 years and always been happy with the service. 

I have used a guy for three or four small moving jobs. He's just a guy with a van (he can get a helper if necessary, such as for something like a tall bookcase), and he hauls to the dump also. He's not your cheapest option, but I have found him to be very professional and polite, he responds quickly to texts, also he's always on time (or early) and does a very good job. I've tried other movers (found online) that might be a tiny bit cheaper, but this guy was so much better, I just keep his number and only call him. His name is Brett, and his website is boxedjunk(dot)com.

Hi,  I hired Dennis who owns Electric Junk and Hauling in Kensington.  833-353-2586 (main), 510-361-9186 (cel). I used him a few months ago to haul away 2 large sofabeds from my mom's house in Berkeley. Very nice and friendly person.  Grew up in Kensington . He works mainly alone and was able to dismantle the sofabeds and move them out to his truck by himself.  He had to take one of them down 5 steps.  Another one was in the basement so he went out the backyard and down a long driveway.  I also hired him to move Mom's bed from one floor to another for an additional fee and down 5 steps.  He was very careful not to damage walls or doors. He retired from being a general contractor (of 35+ years, I think) and now does this type of work. He was very flexible with us as there was construction work being done on Mom's street the day he was scheduled to come.  I contacted him about it but rather than cancel or reschedule on me he worked around it. He came and dismantled the sofabeds. Went home for a few hours then came back when street work was almost completed to move the sofabeds out to his truck. Also, his bid came in the lowest of the 3 companies I contacted. On top of that, he uses an electric powered truck! I would definitely use him again.