Cleaning roofing debris out of attic

We had our roof replaced several years ago and the roofers left the debris in our attic. We are having insulation put in and the insulation company quoted us $1700 to clear it out. This seems excessive. Is there something I’m missing about the challenge of this job? Does anyone have a handiperson or someone to recommend for this job? What type of contractor can do this?

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The price quoted is not only for taking the debris out but for disposal as well. Without seeing the amount of trash and how accessible your attic is it's hard to judge whether the quote is excessive or not. You should get a few quotes from trash haulers, they might cost less. Try Jose Diaz Hauling 510 825-4218, I've used them several times and they are responsible and reasonably priced. 

We had the same issue.  A ton of debris in the attic crawlspace.  I didn't realize this until I looked up there one time and this was years after the roof was replaced.  When I had remodeling and had electrical upgrade done I just asked my general contractor to remove the debris.  He had one of his men do the work.  It took three days for one man to do it.  Not an easy accessible space in my house.  There was 3 big bagfuls of debris. It cost me $1200 plus piece of mind.  The roofer who replaced my old cedar shake roof never said anything about the debris or giving me the option of cle

We had the company we used for insulation work (Atticare) remove the roofing debris from our attic and it was included in their quote, which I thought was very reasonable. They used a high-powered vacuum to get the roofing material out. I can't believe that roofers do this and how many stories I've heard from homeowner's on this topic.

I would think that in most cases, paying hourly for this type of work would be quite expensive.

No need to have the debris removed.  It's not harming anything.  Remember the space under your roof is vented to outside air.  Meaning any dust, pollen, debris can and do get blown in on windy days.  No reason to have it removed unless it prevents from the insulation being installed properly.