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Need to re-grade our yard for landscaping

September 2002

We recently completed a major yard cleanup and we now need a good bobcat operator to come and re-grade for landscaping. I did not see any postings for this on the website. Does anyone know of someone they could recommend? - Linda

We had Cement taken out of our back yard by Christian Hanson of excellent excavators. We did not have any grading done but he does have a bobcat and did great work. He was fast inexpensive, clean and efficient. I don't have his # handy but it is in the yellow pages. - Melinda
Try Gil Maoz. He has a bobcat and does just the sort of thing you are looking for, and also has a hauling company too. (He is not a landscaper) He's easy to work with, nice and professional. You can reach him at Gil's Hauling 665-9128. - Leah

Lowering the level of the ground next to house

March 2002

In one of my rooms the outside earth is at a higher level than the floor of the room and it causes water to ''run'' into the foundation. I need to lower the earth level but am not sure how to do that. Some people tell me to just hire someone who can dig the earth away and others say I need a professional who can relevel the ground and put in a drainage system. But I don't know anyone who has actually done this. Any advice would be very much appreciated. thank you Martina

We moved a lot of earth in our front yard to build a patio up against our house where the land slopes down from the street. We wanted the patio to be lower than the mudsill but not so low that it would undermine the foundation. I calculated how far down to dig after consulting with an architect and landscape architect. Then our landscape contractor subcontracted with a bobcat operator to move the earth. The operator was very good. We didn't put in any drainage because we had never had a drainage problem. I've noticed that do-it-yourself landscaping books talk about designing drainage systems so it must not be a big deal, but I'd consult with a professional (landscape architect or contractor) whose knowledge and experience I trusted if I were to do it. The patio was part of more extensive landscaping work we had done. Elsewhere in our yard, we left in some very old drainage pipes on the recommendation of our landscape contractor. (Until we had this work done, we had no idea where certain drainage grates drained to.) Fran