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  • Boys Volleyball

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    My 15 year old son would like to play volleyball recreationally.  Does anyone know of drop in outdoor or gyms volleyball groups?  Also if you can recommend any volleyball clubs for boys that you have enjoyed.  He would be an intermediate player. 


    My 15 year old son has enjoyed volleyball at Albany Berkeley Volleyball held in the Albany Village Gym.  There is a new coach, Dave Beza.  They had a boys rec class going and now a coed rec class which is once a week Thursdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm.  Intermediate level - advanced.   More info:  http://www.abvolleyball.org/

    If you think he might be serious about volleyball, try Absolute Volleyball Club in San Rafael right after the bridge. They have great coaches and their teams do pretty well. It's pretty intense on the girls side- not sure how it is on the boys side. There's also Albany-Berkeley Volleyball Club- it used to be co-ed, not sure if it still is.

  • Volleyball for 12 year old girl?

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    Hl - wondering if anyone has recommendations for a low key, volleyball club for my daughter in the Berkeley / Oakland area? She has never played before so something that is designed to get kids playing and enjoying the game would be great.

    I've seen a few clubs in Marin and Walnut Creek, but they're not feasible for us, we're hoping to find something closer to home.


    It’s been 5 yrs since my daughter played VB but I remember a club team with a Hawaiian name (owner is Hawaiian) that was less competitive, developmental & practiced in Berkeley/oakland. Sorry I can’t remember the name but if you Google club VB maybe you’ll find it.

    Hi, the other parent most likely meant club Kalani. My daughter is a senior in high school who played club volleyball on power teams for five years. She is now an assistant coach at our local Albany-Berkeley volleyball club. http://www.abvolleyball.org The club volleyball season is already in progress, but this club also offers developmental classes once a week which might be just what you are looking for. 

  • Volleyball for 5th grader?

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    My 4th grade boy really wants to learn volleyball. I might get him some fun private lessons over the summer, but he would do so much better in a club with other players in the next school year. Are there any volleyball clubs/teams for 5th graders in the East Bay during the school year? Thanks!

    Depending on your location, there’s Absolute Volleyball Club in Marin and Vibe Volleyball Club (they sometimes allow boys in the team) in Walnut Creek which my child currently and had previously joined, respectively.   Good luck! 

    My daughter plays club volleyball at Absolute. It is a club in Marin county, first exit after the San Rafael-Richmond bridge. They have boys teams too. Our friends’ son plays at Pacific Rim club in Concord. PacRim is very strong on boys side. Both clubs offer summer camps. 

  • Volleyball for boys

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    We live in Berkeley and my 6th grade son really likes volleyball, but I can't seem to find any leagues or summer camps for boys.... plenty of girls volleyball leagues but not much out there for boys, it seems! Anyone have one to recommend? He's a beginner, but seems to get the basics and is a good basketball player.

    My daughter plays volleyball at Absolute club in San Rafael. I know they have boys program, but I am not sure if they offer summer camps for boys. My friends’ son plays for Pacific Rim club in Pleasant Hill. They have very strong program for boys, some teams went to Nationals. Try contacting them. Boys’ club season is in the Fall.

    I've seen co-ed teams practicing at the Y in Richmond. I'd give them a call to find out more. 


  • My almost sixth-grader wants to try volleyball -- any recommendations for local summer camps and/or beginners league that are low-key and focused on fun while learning the game?


    My son has attended one or two sessions College of Alameda's summer volleyball camp over the past 2 summers after 7th grade and 8th grade.  In 7th grade, he was a novice and enjoyed the camp.  And thought learning from some of the college players was kinda cool.  In 8th grade, he played for his middle school and for a boys club team so he felt that the camp did not provide him with enough opportunities to advance the skills that he wanted to work on.  Also, the vast majority of players at the camp are girls so that could have been a factor too.

    It is an affordable program though it only runs M-Th, from 9-12noon.  I would recommend it, especially as a low-key option for a new player.  


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This is the best age for your daughter to get started on volleyball.  My daughter has attended both Absolute (in San Rafael) and Vibe volleyball club in Orinda (they also have in Walnut Creek).  There are a couple more out there which should work out for total beginners like your daughter (Golden Bear Volleyball club, RedRock in Alameda)  The tryout season is over but you can call the clubs and see if they are still taking in new players.  Good luck and hope she gets to like volleyball.  

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Summer volleyball for 14 year old

April 2012

My daughter is 14 and very interested in volleyball. Any suggestions for classes, camps, clubs, teams for a teen who has played a couple of years on a school team?

Many local colleges (Cal, st marys in moraga, stanford) have summer camps for day camp or sleep away. Some high schools may have camps too (holy names in oakland?) Many public middle schools have teams in the fall, some catholic schools have teams in the winter. In the fall, golden bear volleybsll club has great clinics on saturdays or sundays (google it). Several club teams that have try outs in october or november, at different levels of play, practice time, travel distance AND price. Google golden bear, kulani, starlings, diablo valley volleyball. Or just google volleyball with a town name. You can also bring your athlete to watch cal womens volleyball for inspiration and poster autographs, beginning in late august. Side out!

Club Volleyball for Boys

June 2011

I have a 15-year-old who is looking for a club volleyball team. We live in Berkeley, and he goes to school in San Francisco. Any leads would be welcome. Carrie

I know Hercules is a bit far, but Valley Bible Church (on Highway 4) has a summer volleyball program that meets on Wednesdays at Ohlone Park, I think at 5:30 or 6 p.m.. It's a huge draw for high schoolers and well organized. A lot of the teams meet on other days to practice. It's open to everyone. My son made some excellent friends there, it was safe and well-supervised. Sue

My daughter is going to VB camp at SJND (see below) this summer and I saw in an email that they have a VB camp for boys so this coach should know about club VB too Coach Eddie Chen Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School 1011 Chestnut Street, Alameda, CA 94501 www.sjndvolleyball.shutterfly.com www.sjnd.org

Alameda YOUTH Volleyball Program Information and Registration: http://vbmatch.com/alameda-youth-volleyball.htm Volleyball Skills & Drills Class in June

Alameda Recreation & Park Department (ARPD) and VBmatch are co-hosting a summer youth volleyball program. The program will offer separate beginner and intermediate sessions. The beginner session will provide younger kids (9-13yo) with the opportunity to learn the game of volleyball starting with the basics. The intermediate session will help hone the skills of more experienced players (14-17yo) for high school level (JV & Varsity) competition.

In the month of June, a three-week program will be offered. Additional programs will be offered in July and August.

BEGINNER SESSION (Thursdays 6:30pm-8:00pm): Recommended for kids 9-13 with limited experience (less than 1 or 2 years) or no experience playing volleyball.

INTERMEDIATE SESSION (Thursdays 8:00pm-9:30pm): Recommended for high school students ages 14-17. This session is ideal for those who already have 2-3 years of experience playing on team. Players should already have fundamental passing, setting, hitting and serving skills. This class will help players hone those skills and apply the skills to team competition.

Volleball teams or clubs for 8th grader?

August 2008

Does anyone know of after school (East Bay) girls volleyball teams/clubs that are open to 8th grader? Thanks! volleymom

Look up Northern California Volleyball Association on the internet -- girls teams -- There are multiple leagues around the Bay Area that include the 8th grade. Tryouts are in November and the season runs from January into June. My daughter played in the 8th grade last year and loved it. The extra experience makes her a strong player on her new JV team at high school this year. There is no need to get on the most competitive team to have a good experience. Driving commitment is HUGE. Nancy

Volley Mom: Here are some girls volleyball clubs in the area you can try:
good luck! another volleyball parent

Summer volleyball for 15-year-old

June 2008

We recently relocate to Albany. My daughter is 15, she is looking for volleyball acitivity in summer. Does anyone know such program in Albany, Berkeley or Oakland area? Thank! Julia

hi, you may want to check out the volleyball camps at Cal for starters at: http://calbears.cstv.com/camps/volleyball.html they have quite a good program for teen-aged players. good luck! volleyball parent

Middle school girl looking for volleyball team

January 2007

My middle-school age daughter wants to play volleyball and her school does not offer this as an after-school sport. Does anyone know where girls can join an organized volleyball team or league? I'm looking for a league or team in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Thanks. jb

Hello. You may want to try Golden Bear Volleyball club in Oakland for your daughter. Their phone number is (510) 531- 1111.

Over the summer, University of California at Berkley offers great volleyball camps that you may want to check out as well. The website is http://calbears.cstv.com/camps/06_camps.html, although it probably won't have the necessary information on it this early.
Have a volleyball kid too

High school freshman seeking volleball camp

April 2002

My high school freshman daughter is very interested in going to volleyball camp this summer, either day camp or overnight. She is an avid player and has been on her schools' teams for the last 4 years. I know about Golden Bear Volleyball, but would appreciate other suggestions, as well. Thanks. miriam

Re: Volleyball Camps
Try these. My son has gone to UCLA for 2 years and enjoyed it very much. (He liked the girls who were there also!) My daughter did a swimming camp through US Sports Camps, but this year will do volleyball. If you'd like to email me, I can probably find more local day camps for you.

  http://ussportscamps.com/ http://www.recreation.ucla.edu/bruincamps/volleyball.html http://www.StanfordVolleyball.com/ http://www.par.ucsb.edu/youthprog/prescamp.html http://www.oski.org/ac_camps/volleyball.html 


Volleball teams for girls?

July 2001

My daughter loves volleyball and asked if there is a team as in baseball or soccer. I couldn't find anything like this for kids. Does anyone know of one? Stefanie

Try Goldenbearvolleyball.com to get more information. This is a volleyball club located in Berkeley. They offer camps in the summer and clinics in the fall. The youngest club team is usually 12 and under or 13 and under, depending on how many try out in that age group. Your daughter may be a little young for the club team, but she may enjoy the camps and clinics. If Golden Bear doesn't work out, there are other clubs; Kalani, Lamorinda, Academy. Rachel

I was a coach for Golden Bear Volleyball for many years and can recommend it as a great program. I believe they offer teams for 8 year olds but your best bet is to contact the Cal Youth Sports and see if they can point you in the right direction: 643-CAMP (2267). Good luck! --Sioux