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My 15 year old son would like to play volleyball recreationally.  Does anyone know of drop in outdoor or gyms volleyball groups?  Also if you can recommend any volleyball clubs for boys that you have enjoyed.  He would be an intermediate player. 


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My 15 year old son has enjoyed volleyball at Albany Berkeley Volleyball held in the Albany Village Gym.  There is a new coach, Dave Beza.  They had a boys rec class going and now a coed rec class which is once a week Thursdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm.  Intermediate level - advanced.   More info:

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If you think he might be serious about volleyball, try Absolute Volleyball Club in San Rafael right after the bridge. They have great coaches and their teams do pretty well. It's pretty intense on the girls side- not sure how it is on the boys side. There's also Albany-Berkeley Volleyball Club- it used to be co-ed, not sure if it still is.