Volleyball for 12 year old girl?

Hl - wondering if anyone has recommendations for a low key, volleyball club for my daughter in the Berkeley / Oakland area? She has never played before so something that is designed to get kids playing and enjoying the game would be great.

I've seen a few clubs in Marin and Walnut Creek, but they're not feasible for us, we're hoping to find something closer to home.


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It’s been 5 yrs since my daughter played VB but I remember a club team with a Hawaiian name (owner is Hawaiian) that was less competitive, developmental & practiced in Berkeley/oakland. Sorry I can’t remember the name but if you Google club VB maybe you’ll find it.

Hi, the other parent most likely meant club Kalani. My daughter is a senior in high school who played club volleyball on power teams for five years. She is now an assistant coach at our local Albany-Berkeley volleyball club. http://www.abvolleyball.org The club volleyball season is already in progress, but this club also offers developmental classes once a week which might be just what you are looking for.