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May 2011

My 6 yr old daughter really wants to participate in some kind of theatre/drama camp this summer. We are interested in trying out Doug's Drama - - but wonder if anyone else has had an experience with this camp.

My son went to Doug's Drama last summer and had a great experience. He was 6 and the play was just perfect for him. There was lots of comedy, action, adventure and fantasy and he had a ball. The production was terrific and the parents seemed to all love it.

Doug is a marvelous teacher and great with the kids and so was his assistant Jessica.My son also loved the stories that Doug tells. He is a gifted storyteller and my son would come home and tell me his stories from beginning to end.

We are returning this summer for sure! raj

Narnia Playhouse Theater Camp

March 2007

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Narnia Playhouse theater camp as I couldn't find any reviews in the archives. How are the days structured? Were you happy with the overall quality of the experience. How much rehearsing/memorizing did you have to do at home? Would you do the camp again? Thanks a lot! Andrea

My son and daughter (ages 11 and 9) have attended the Narnia Playhouse Theater Camp for the past two summers, and they have also participated in Doug Cole's after-school drama classes at Redwood Heights School for numerous sessions. They have always enjoyed the camps, classes, and plays and have asked me to make sure to sign them up again (except my son is now over the upper age limit). My impression has been quite the opposite of the previous reviewer -- my kids and their friends have had a lot of fun in the classes and plays. The emphasis is on everyone having a good time and participating, so parents looking for lots of professional actor training and super-polished productions may not find it their cup of tea, but I am certainly planning to sign my daughter up again this summer -- and I know she'll keep reminding me until I do so. kjohlson

My son has gone to the Narnia Playhouse Drama Camp twice and has loved it. He also takes classes from Doug Cole during the school year and enjoys these a lot. The plays Doug does are wonderful- funny, creative and meaningful. The bottom line is the kids seem to really have fun and the productions are quite together.

I noticed one posting from a dissatisfied parent. Doesn't even sound like the same camp my son attended! After the performance, I heard many parents saying how much they enjoyed the production and how much their child enjoyed the camp. dre89

Mr. Cole, the director of the camp, is a wonderful, creative, gifted, and very kind teacher. We only have wonderful things to say about him and his camp. Over the years my step-children have attended his camp or taken after school classes. They rave about him and his camp. They've also developed passion for both theater and story telling, thanks to Mr. C, as the children call him. We highly recommend it. rivovo