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Write-On creative writing after-school classes and summer camps aim to make writing fun through games, exercises and collaborative projects. Abby Skrivan is a veteran English teacher at Albany Middle School who offers small, intensive and collaborative classes and camps for all kids, from the reluctant writer to the enthusiastic. All classes and camps offered through the Albany Recreation Center. Currently offering Zoom online classes!

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Sept 2012

RE: Writing workshops/programs/tutors for 15 year old 

Abby Skrivan is a fab writing teacher! I was a Writer's Coach a few years ago and was assigned her classroom of 8th graders at Albany Middle School. She has a great way with students - treats them with great respect and humor. She teaches writing classes/workshops outside of school, or at least she used to. I don't have her contact info but you can look her up thru AMS I imagine. Lise

April 2008

RE: writing tutor for 5th grader

I recommend Abby Skrivan. She's a teacher at Albany Middle School and very popular writing tutor. She may be reached @ skrivan at hotmail.com. Good luck! cv