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Need tutor for 10-year-old who has never liked school

April 2016

I have a bright, extremely energetic (running toward the 'spirited' end of the spectrum) 10 year old girl. Although she likes to learn things, she has never liked school. She has been in 3 different schools so far, and she always ends up feeling bored or restless (or bored AND restless) and her math and spelling have fallen pretty far behind. She reads well, so I don't *think* she has dyslexia, but though she does well on her spelling lists, and her teacher goes over punctuation in class, she has a hard time applying these things to her writing (she loves writing, by the way). Her teacher says she's engaged and performing in school, she has friends, and yet we frequently struggle in the morning with periods of 'I hate school, I don't want to go' and she's still pretty far behind in match. This all makes me feel so sad. Her teacher is very nice, a great teacher, and I don't think they clash much, but when they do, this is definitely a contributing factor.

Her father told me that she expressed interest in tutoring to him, but I don't see much in the way of recommendations in the archives, and the recs that are there are old.

We're not made of money, so cost may be a consideration, although we are also going to ask the grandparents for help.

So, given what I've described, any recommendations for wonderful tutors, or tutoring centers that you think could help my daughter love school? Thanks, BPN parents! Sad Mom

My 9-year-old started tutoring last fall with Katrina Martin katrinadreamer.com, for similar reasons to what you describe. We do 1 hour per week, and it has made a big difference in both attitude as well as academic performance. Best of luck to you. I believe in your daughter! anon

If your child is bored and restless in school and also doing poorly, it could be ADHD. I suggest getting her outside into green spaces before school begins. Here is some info on how this helps. http://www.additudemag.com/adhd/article/9348.html

She might like school better if she were in a better frame of mind before she goes in. Even walking to school might help. I think it is so sad many kids get bused passed their neighborhood school. Instead of starting the day with a walk, they start their day exposed to diesel exhaust. Not good!

I doubt that a tutor is worth it to help with spelling or writing.To learn the spelling words, she just have to write them over and over. So it is more a matter of discipline that anything. And for writing, studies have shown that receiving a corrected essay a week or even a day later is of little help. Immediate corrections have much more impact. So, if you can get the grandparents to work with her more than once a week, that could help. They could do a writing game. Everybody writes a paragraph, everybody compliments and criticizes each other's writing. I guess a tutor could do this too. But learning to write is much like learning anything else, you need to practice every day to get better. So a once a week tutor with not have that much of an impact. Anon

Seeking tutor for 4th grade girl

Sept 2014

seeking a tutor in elmwood area for 4th grade girl who has challenges with writing/verbal skills and common core math conceptualization. determined mom

I highly recommend Loryn Hudson. She is a educational therapist. She was recommended to us by my sons school. Loryn started tutoring my son at the end of 4th grade. In just a few months he has made tremendous progress. She is calm, patient, positive and makes learning fun. My son really enjoys working with her. She also helps a couple other kids in my son's school. Her home office is right off Joaquin Miller in Oakland hills. Her email is lorynw [at] yahoo.com Good luck, very satisfied parent

Math tutor for second grader

Aug 2014

My daughter struggled with math in first grade. I am looking for a tutor in Berkeley.

Paul Gee at Acorn Tutoring is excellent. He has years of experience and really knows how to connect with kids. Here's his website http://www.acorntutoring.com/services.html Nancy

Private tutor wanted in Contra Costa County

July 2014

Can anyone recommend an experienced private tutor in Contra Costa County (Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek/Lafayette/Martinez area)? My daughter's tutor retired this past spring and we've been unable to find a replacement. She is entering 5th grade in the fall and specifically needs help with math. We would like to begin immediately and continue into the fall. Parent in Martinez

Hi We have been using Club Z Sophie Zhu. She comes to your house and meets with you and your daughter and then matches you with a tutor just for you. They are currently working with my daughters and it has been fantastic.You can reach Sophie at 925-478-4469 or SophieClubZ [at] gmail.com My wife and I have been very happy and so have my daughters. Good luck, Lafayette Dad

Summer Tutor for a 5th Grader

June 2013

My 5th grade daughter needs a tutor specifically for Reading. She needs to become a good comprehensive reader who knows and understands what she has read. I do not have the patience to deal with all the drama that goes along with tutoring your own child. If you know of a FABULOUS Tutor who will be available during the summer to tutor my entering 6th grader, I would truly appreciate the recommendation. This could definitely turn into an ongoing gig during the school Year as well if they are a good match. Thank You in Advance! Mama about ready to pull my hair out!

I would like to recommend Peggy Connell. I found Peggy while researching the BPN archives, and we could not be happier. Peggy is patient and compassionate, and she relates so well to kids, she really knows how to communicate with them on their level. My daughter is currently in the 5th grade, and has improved her reading skills thanks to Peggy's warm and non-stressful approach. We recommended a friend to Peggy as well, and the mom says her 'spirited' child has never responded so well to a teacher. Peggy has a Masters Degree in Educational Therapy, she is located in Berkeley, and you can email her at: peggyjconnell [at] yahoo.com anon

Sept 2011

I'm a very happy parent who would like to highly recommend Berkeley tutor Peggy Connell (510-644-1010). Peggy has worked with my son from 3rd grade to the present--he's now in 6th grade--helping him with organizational skills, study strategies, writing strategies, and more. In that time he has gone from being very behind in language arts to scoring in the advanced category on his 5th grade STAR test--with particular success in writing strategies. Peggy is kind, endlessly patient, and highly creative and resourceful in finding the approaches that work best for each individual child. My son is seeing her this year to further develop his organizational capabilities in order to meet the new challenges presented by middle school--and we are thrilled to have her support with this transition. -Valerie

June 2011

my family has worked with a tutor named Rachael Berger for a year. She is an English teacher and also provides private in-home tutoring. She has been a ton of helping our kindergartener with reading; support with phonics and lots of word sorts. She is patient and kind and my daughter loves her! Her number is 510-418-6495. I know she works with kids of all ages. Madeleine

Tutor for a 1st grader

Aug 2010

Hello, We would like to hire a tutor for our older son who will be starting 1st grade next week. He did really good in kindergarten, but we aren't native English speaker and we want him to have the high quality support during this year. Any recommendations and/or share experiences will be greatly appriciated. We expect someone with valuable experience. G.

I highly recommend Richard Sugerman http://www.richardsugerman.com/ as a tutor for your 1st grader. He is patient and kind and has 30 years of experience teaching kids. Contact me directly for more information, if you like.

May 05 2010

If you need a tutor for your child, I know the perfect person. Last summer Katie O'Toole tutored my son in Math, specifically in place value, subtraction with borrowing, addition with regrouping, and multiplication. She lives in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland and is looking to tutor over the summer. She was a 3rd grade teacher for four years and will be completing her first year teaching first grade this June. She can tutor students,grades K-5, in the subjects of writing, grammar, phonics, reading, and/or math. She has access to different manipulatives and supplemental materials that can be useful for struggling students or students who just need review.

She has excellent references. . . I am one of them!

If you are interested, please contact her at kot5ee [at] hotmail.com. Best regards, Alison Long time BPNer and Mom to two elementary aged boys.

2004 - 2009 Recommendations

After school tutor for 8-year-old

Sept 2008

looking for a college student/high school senior, to help my 8 year old son 1-2 afternoons a week with home work. There are no learning difficulties. Location would be at our home near College and Ashby. Please e-mail if you are interested or have referrals.

Our beloved teacher that has been with our daughter for the last 4 years (coincidence and luck) has begun after school tutoring and I can't recommend her enough. Marissa Berman is a highly regarded 2/3 teacher at North Oakland Community Charter School. She is Berkeley and Columbia educated, extremely bright, thoughtful, caring and creative. When she mentioned that she was going to do tutoring I immediately thought how lucky anyone would be to have her of all people as a tutor. She can be reached at mberman [at] noccs.org eurydice

April 2008

We are looking for a math and writing tutor experienced with tutoring kids at the elementary and middle school levels. Our son is a 5th grader. Will enter Middle School in Fall of 2008. Weekday afternoons and weekends work best. Kim

I recommend Abby Skrivan. She's a teacher at Albany Middle School and very popular writing tutor. She may be reached @ skrivan at hotmail.com. Good luck! cv

I highly recommend Kristen Hawkinson, M.Ed. I don't know if she is taking new students this late in the year but your son would be in a good position for the fall if you got in touch with her now. Kristen is exceptional! Her contact information is 510-526-8701, kristenhawkinson at comcast.net Nancy

I know of an excellent therapeutic learning specialist. She was the director of Linda Mood-Bell for a decade, is currently a middle school teacher and sees private clients over the summer. She connects well with children, has a strength based approach and most important, my kids enjoyed learning with her. She understands the interplay of mood and learning challenges, makes her time with kids fun, interactive and encouraging. She is very engaging, energetic and positive. She has also helped me with parenting tips. Her name is Angela and you can leave a message on her home machine at 510 530-9571. She is available to meet with your child in her Oakland home, or in your home. She is well worth the money you will spend to help your child's education. relieved parent

Fun math & English tutor for 7 yr girl

June 2007


I am looking for a really fun and good math tudor for my 7 yr old, who is going into 3rd grade and needs just a little head start. I am also looking for a good spelling and writing tutor for her, as she has been in spanish immersion and needs some English work. I pay competitive rates. It would be in afternoon or evenings after camp. Carol

I would like to recommend my daughter's tutor, Alicia Ramirez. She is an OUSD teacher -- young, fun, and engaging. My daughter loves her sessions with her. Plus, Alicia is a fluent Spanish speaker too. We've been with Alicia for almost about four months and my 6yo daughter has excelled with her individualized teaching methods. Contact her at alicia_ramirez[at]gmail.com Paz