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I'm wondering where to find an experienced elementary school tutor who can do tutoring online during the school year, to supplement/help with assignments from my son's main 5th grade teacher (at a public school in Oakland). I suspect there may be a number of educators looking for extra work, but I don't know how or where to connect with them. Does anyone have ideas or recommendations?


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I think our tutor would be a perfect fit, and I know he has more availability now that school is out. He's a local teacher and tutored our 10 year old son in math (Berkeley Public School), in person at our home until March, and we are continuing this summer via zoom. He's really supportive, and my son actually looks forward to their meetings - which was a fantastic change from my his previous negative attitude toward math (because he was embarrassed that it wasn't just coming to him easily). I don't want to share his personal info this broadly, but would be happy to pass it along to anyone who is interested - just message me!

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SWING Education has credentialed teachers who are available to tutor all ages. Their teachers are great. swing