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SOAR is a boarding school, camp, and GAP year program dedicated to providing experiential education, life skills development and adventure programs to those diagnosed with ADD / ADHD and LD.

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I sent my son to SOAR, which runs programs designed for kids with ADHD.  It was a great experience.  Not cheap, but great.  For more information, see

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Recomendations for SOAR? Other camps for teens with ADHD?

April 2013

Hi, My son is almost 15. He has ADHD, depression, anxiety and who knows what else. We were lucky to receive a scholarship for him to attend a summer camp for kids with ADHD. I am waiting for a list with approved camps, but I think one of them is SOAR, Sucess Oriented Achievement Realized. They are based in North Carolina but have summer programs in CA. Does anyone have any experience with this camp? Was it good or not? Any other camps I should research? Camps to stay away from? I would appreciate any information. Thank you very, very much. Grateful Mom

My son went to Soar twice and I think that both times were very good for him. He loved it the first year. He didn't enjoy it as much the second time because he was less interested in the activities. So I would highly recommend the camp if you can find a session that is a good match for his interests. Ann

Hi, I have a client who went to SOAR and loved it so much he asked to stay the next semester. His parents are thrilled with the changes he has made and how happy he has become. S.