Sleepaway camp for boy w/adhd

My 10 yr old son is very interested in going to sleepaway camp this summer.  He is relatively active and outgoing but has some typical adhd struggles with social groups.  Does anyone have any recommendations for summer camps that have worked out particularly well (or not!) for your child with adhd, and also any experience with taking medication at camp?  Thanks!

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I sent my son to SOAR, which runs programs designed for kids with ADHD.  It was a great experience.  Not cheap, but great.  For more information, see

I recommend Camp Jack Hazard in the Sierras near the Sonora Pass. Their program is not specifically for kids with ADHD, but the program is great for these kids because of the high intensity, active, outdoor time. It is a traditional summer camp in many ways--campfires, songs, arts and crafts, hiking--but also has a focus on wilderness adventure, and kids all participate in backpacking and rock climbing (no prior knowledge necessary). Kids stay in cabins with 8 to 10 peers, which creates social bonds in a way that is much easier and more automatic than what kids often feel in other environments. But mostly, it is the active environment and intensity of running around with other kids, led by exuberant, loud young adult counselors, that seems to serve ADHD kids so well. Lots of stimulus, lots of opportunity to try new things, lots of fresh air. Kids get dirty and get tired and my kids love it. And it is very reasonably priced. It is a small organization so you can easily talk personally with the director, Jason Poisson, who is friendly and honest and direct with parents.