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RE:  Prenatal yoga in the Berkeley, El Cerrito, or Oakland areas

May 2014

For Mike who asked about classes for his wife-I took prenatal yoga through the Namaste studio in Berkeley and I really enjoyed it and they have postnatal classes as well. The studio on fourth street in Berkeley and Ojas in El Cerrito also offer prenatal yoga classes....  Rachael

I tried out a bunch of different prenatal yoga classes, and I think you just have to see what style of instruction clicks with you. I highly recommend Deborah Saliby's classes if you like not a lot of touchy feely discussion and a real serious Hatha/Iyengar style yoga session. She is one of the best yoga teachers I've had, prenatal or no. She's very attentive to everyone's different bodies and needs - she noticed my asymmetrical back in a huge class, which no other yoga teacher has done. And she has a lot of great birth prep advice. She was teaching at both Namaste in Berkeley and another studio, check her website for current classes. - great birthing through yoga

RE: Yoga for the out of shape, self-conscious in Oak

Sept 2012

You could try Baxter Bell's classes. He teaches at Namaste in Rockridge and Grand Lake. He also teaches a Back Care class at Piedmont Yoga Studio. He's very knowledgeable. He makes everyone feel comfortable.  Kimber Simpkins also teaches at Namaste. She's wonderful. sarah

RE:  Looking for a challenging yoga class

Feb 2011

''Namaste'' yoga studio in Rockridge is probably just what you are looking for. Many of their classes are rigorous/challenging -- particulaly with regard to core work. Classes with Michelle Cordero have been especially helpful to me -- I've been a student of hers for more than 6 years. I also think you may enjoy working with Ava Roy and/or Naushon Kabat-Zinn. Check out the website = Antoinette

RE:  Which type of yoga is best for a beginner?

Oct 2008

About once a month, Namaste Yoga in Rockridge has an Intro to Yoga, especially for beginners. Though I haven't been to that class specifically, I really like and respect the teachers at Namaste, esp. Michelle Cordero, who teaches Tues. night and Sat. morning 'all levels' courses. I suspect that after an Intro course, you'd be ready for the all levels course. Most teachers will check in with the students at the beginning of the class about any injuries/ issues, and recommend appropriate modifications as necessary. Michelle's classes tend to be pretty high energy. If you're more interested in alignment and a slower pace, you might like Richard Rosen's classes on M-T-W nights at Piedmont Yoga Studio. He is a master teacher - one of the original Western teachers, and gives great instructions on alignment. My suggestion would be to ease back into yoga with classes two or three times a week, for a bit. You may find a bit of soreness as you limber up sleeping muscles. Then after a few weeks/ months of practice, a retreat might be more beneficial. Yoga saves my sanity!

RE: Yoga for beginner

Oct 2006

Please do check out ''Namaste Rockridge'' yoga studio on College Ave. They have a number of super teachers, a great community of yoginis, and I'm sure you'll find a class that fits your level. Teachers I'm particularly fond us who will give you a strong foundation (alignment, variety of poses, etc.) include Michelle Cordero, Johanna Lafferty, Kimber Simpkins, Jessica Medros. Have fun! anon

RE: Prenatal Yoga after 6pm

April 2005

I know of 2 pre-natal yoga classes that *begin* at 6pm, but none which start after 6. Cynthea Denise teaches from 6-7:25pm on Thursdays at ''Namaste Yoga in Rockridge'' (5416 College Ave. Namaste is a beautiful studio with a great community feel and wonderful teachers. I have not taken Cynthea's class (I'm not pregnant), but I've been attending the studio regularly for a long while and the teachers are well- trained and truly committed to the practice...  Antoinette

Namaste Yoga Studio in the Rockridge, has a class at 6pm (I teach the class it is ok to arrive late, we ususally don't start until 6:05) What about Saturdays, 11am class at Piedmont Yoga Studios lunayogini

Your best bet is probably Namaste Yoga in Rockridgeon college ave. They have a prenatal class at 6pm, and are a good studio. If that is too early, there is a wed. class at 6:45, but it would cause you a cross-town commute as it is in Albany. If you are intersted in that one, Deborah Saliby teaches it. You can find out the studio by googling her name and looking at her website, but I think it is Cynthia

RE: Yoga for a novice

March 2005

I very highly recommend the yoga instructors at Namaste Rockridge -- particularly Michelle Cordero. All are well- trained, and Michelle will spend a good amount of time adjusting your alignment so that you avoid injuries and feel great. Yoga is an excellent work out: you'll definitely lose a few pounds and not only because some classes can be vigorous, but because of the psychological/meditative component: all things can be accomplished from a place of peace! Antoinette