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You didn't say where in the Bay Area you are, but if North Berkeley is convenient my teen son had a good experience last summer at Kitchen on Fire's teen summer sessions. You should call them and see if they'd accept a 10 year old. They learned how to make a variety of teen-friendly foods like pizza from scratch and kids were able to participate at the level they felt comfortable/competent. 

My 16 year old son was in the Kitchen on Fire Teens Cooking Camp last week and he loved it. He is really shy and does not usually enjoy summer camps. He reported that KonF was very friendly and relaxed ("we didn't have to go around and introduce ourselves - we just met other kids because they were working next to us")  The food was delicious according to him, and he picked up some new skills such as mincing basil and making pizza dough. He said the chefs were funny and helpful. We will definitely do this camp again. 

RE: Japanese cooking ()

Hi, you didn't specify what kind of Japanese cooking. You may want to check out Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley for classes if you're interested in learning how to make ramen/udon noodles from scratch or hot pots.

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Dec 2013

RE: Cooking Class -- cooking fish?

I don't know if they have a class specific on fish but I particularly like the classes offered through Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley. I've taken a number of cooking classes there, including their 12 week series. I never had one focused on seafood but I did have classes that included a short discussion on cooking fish or how to shuck an oyster or quickly dispatch a lobster. The discussion varied depending on the recipes covered in that class. You can check their class schedule online or ask if they have a seafood class. I remember them always saying that if there is enough interest, they will make a class for it! Jennifer