Looking for cooking class or private instructor for 10 year-old

My ten year-old son would like to take cooking classes either with a group or on his own.  He is already pretty skilled in the kitchen, and many of the classes that I have found for kids seem to be geared toward teaching the basics like chopping and how to make really easy things.  Can anyone point me either toward established classes or anyone they know who would be interested in teaching an interested budding home cook?



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My caterer gives in-home classes and loves to work with enthusiastic kids. She's European, moved to the US ages ago, has grandkids nearby. She's a lovely and elegant lady with mad skills in the kitchen. Her name is Margaret Reisen, and her email is Margaret [at] vegetarianweddings.com

My adult daughter just took a class at http://emilydellas.com/ and loved it! I think if you contact Emily directly you would probably be able to arrange a private lesson.

You didn't say where in the Bay Area you are, but if North Berkeley is convenient my teen son had a good experience last summer at Kitchen on Fire's teen summer sessions. http://www.kitchenonfire.com/ You should call them and see if they'd accept a 10 year old. They learned how to make a variety of teen-friendly foods like pizza from scratch and kids were able to participate at the level they felt comfortable/competent.