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The Family Room is a new classroom and gathering space on Solano Ave dedicated to nurturing families from preconception to birth and beyond! We offer classes and groups like a fertility support group, prenatal yoga, childbirth education, and a birthing parents group (aka moms group). We aim to build an inclusive and loving community that supports new and aspiring parents through all stages of creating and growing a family. Throughout 2020, we will add in classes and groups tailored to toddlers and older kids, as well as queer parents, single parents, and dads. Check out our current offerings and stay tuned for much more to come!

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Hi.  I'm 35 weeks along with my first baby and have been taking pre-natal yoga for the past 4 months or so.  I don't know about outdoor classes but I've been taking pre-natal yoga at the Family Room in Albany (and it is on zoom for now) with instructor Julia Ann Stathis.  She is a doula and it has been great.  She also teaches pre-natal at the Green Yogi in Berkeley on Sunday mornings and that class is also currently on zoom.  I was taking some pre-natal yoga classes at the Berkeley Y before COVID but those are discontinued. 

Good luck!