Any outdoor prenatal yoga classes?

I’m looking for a regular prenatal yoga class to join in this post-covid world. I’d prefer an in person class that meets in an outside space like a park. I’d consider one that meets on zoom/online. Are there any prenatal yoga classes like this? I’d prefer one in Berkeley. 
I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant, third baby. 

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I did with Carol, my entire pregnancy and my delivery was success with a practice yoga. She teaching online via Skype or zoom and she is doula too. She is amazing. 

send a message or I can give too you a phone number.

Hi.  I'm 35 weeks along with my first baby and have been taking pre-natal yoga for the past 4 months or so.  I don't know about outdoor classes but I've been taking pre-natal yoga at the Family Room in Albany (and it is on zoom for now) with instructor Julia Ann Stathis.  She is a doula and it has been great.  She also teaches pre-natal at the Green Yogi in Berkeley on Sunday mornings and that class is also currently on zoom.  I was taking some pre-natal yoga classes at the Berkeley Y before COVID but those are discontinued. 

Good luck!