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Not sure if the classes are still allowed, given the reversion to the purple tier, but  El Cerrito Martial Arts has a really good program with I believe outdoor instructional opportunities.

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May 2014

RE: ''Nice'' martial arts instructor for 9yo?

I take Jiu Jitsu at El Cerrito Martial Arts (corner of Stockton and San Pablo). The owner is incredibly nice and a very kind, easy-going instructor. They have a kids program in the afternoons. He has another instructor who helps him with the kids and she is also very sweet. My son takes an Aikido class on Weds afternoons with West County Aikido at the Hillside church in El Cerrito. His Sensei is great, really good with the little kids (my son is only 4). The older kids class which runs right after my son's is definitely a little more rowdy and the Sensei does tend to be a lot stricter with them, but he's clearly compassionate and seems to understand children at different stages very well. My sense is that if your daughter wants something for self defense, the Jiu Jitsu would probably be more meaningful, whereas Aikido is more about discipline and ritual (also valuable for kids, IMHO). Anon

Review for El Cerrito Martial Arts camp?

Jan 2014

I am looking for a current review for el cerrito martial arts camp for my 6 year old for this summer. Thanks bpn ! Happy camper

My daughter, then 8 and a complete beginner to martial arts, took the El Cerrito Martial Arts camp one summer and liked it so much we ended up signing her up for 2 weeks. Head coach Cody is a very relaxed, friendly sensei and his staff of young jujitsu camp counselors are equally nice, easygoing people. This is not a macho dojo, and there was an even mix of girls and boys (maybe slightly more boys than girls) during the sessions my daughter attended. In addition to mixed martial arts, the kids take breaks by going swimming, playing tennis in the park, doing art, or just having quiet time reading. My daughter improved her fitness levels quite a bit and got more confident in her body and aware of her strength. I think that they recently moved the dojo to a spot opposite El Cerrito Natural Foods, so I don't know if the camp facility is the same, but I would have no reservations recommending the staff and the program. Martial arts are good for you

Oct 2012

RE: Martial Arts for 8 year old

For a lot of the same reasons you noted in your post, our seven year old son attends El Cerrito Martial Arts, located on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito. The Sensei, Cody, is very knowledgable in both martial art skills and teaching kids of all ages. He stresses respect and cooperation between the students and runs a well organized program. Our son has been attending for approximately one year and he really enjoys it. Don't be put off by the appearance of the outside of the building as the tenant space next to the school is empty, but rather come in, talk to Cody and observe the staff and students in action. I wish you good luck on your search. Margaret