Martial Arts Classes (live) for a 9 year old

I have a 9 year old who really wants to take a martial art's class. He is a beginner so I think zoom is non-starter.  I would love to find an outdoor class (if those exist) and a studio that is great with kids.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hello! I have 3 kids ages 13, 10and 5.  They all take classes from Studio Naga.  We meet and do socially distanced lessons in Doyle Hollis Park in Emeryville.  I've been impressed by the level of safety (no contact, 6 ft. distance) that they maintain, as well as the high level of physical activity. It's a lovely community of people in the best of times and now, with covid, the studio has really pulled together to make it work.  If it rains we can make use of an open-walled, covered garage.

Studio Naga has outdoor Poekoelan classes for all levels including children (over 5, I believe) with additional Zoom sessions each week. They are practicing at Holly Park in Emeryville with a covered, outdoor location secured for rain and as it gets darker/colder. Our daughter attends and loves it. There are some great videos on their Facebook page. 

Not sure if the classes are still allowed, given the reversion to the purple tier, but  El Cerrito Martial Arts has a really good program with I believe outdoor instructional opportunities.

I train at Studio Naga in North Oakland. We have in person and Zoom classes for kids and adults. Our in person classes are happening in a park and it's been fun to see all the things we can do while maintaining social distancing and masks. We also have a covered outdoor space we use if it's raining or too dark outside. I've been training at Studio Naga for 7 years and love our community. I started training at a sister school in Portland 27 years ago and when I moved to Oakland was super happy to have a community of martial artists. I'm an elementary teacher by day and martial artist new mom finding ways to keep moving.