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The East Bay SPCA is committed to the welfare of cats and dogs in the communities we serve. We strive to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals. Our Humane Education Programs promotes compassion for all living things. Join us in Oakland or Dublin for Animal Camp, a birthday party or to complete community service hours. We also provide unique learning opportunities for K-12 classrooms.

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The East Bay SPCA has summer camps for kids  and teens can apply to be counselors-in-training (starting at 12).  My daughter attended the camp as a middle-school camper and had a good experience, she got to work with a shelter dog all week. Do not know what is involved to apply.

RE: ARF birthday party ()

I don't know about ARF, but the East Bay SPCA in Oakland does them. We had my daughter's 8th there and the kids loved it. 

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April 2011

RE: My parents are moving, need to find a home for aging dog

... the East Bay SPCA does not put down dogs (except in cases of extreme aggression, which of course is not your situation). They have location in Dublin and Oakland; www.eastbayspca.org. Pet lover

Aug 2008

RE: Place where 7-year-old can volunteer

... Oakland SPCA will allow kids to volunteer along with their parents.

Sept 2007

RE: Ideas for high school community service requirement

The Oakland SPCA is always looking for volunteers, and I know they have lots of people working on the weekends. She may have to do some training first. Check it out. jenny


RE: 12-year-old would like to volunteer working with dogs

My daughter (12) and I volunteer at the Oakland SPCA. We took two dog training classes after which we could walk and socialize the dogs and partecipate in misc. events. The SPCA requires that I'm volunteering at the same time my daughter does, but we pretty much do our own things since she is more interested in dogs and I like cats better. She's not allowed to partecipate in the dog grooming, but cat grooming is ok. We have done it now for a couple of months and it has been great. Check them out at their site http://www.oaklandspca.org/ and feel free to contact me through email. Giulia