Teen interested in volunteering with animals for the summer


A 14 year old friend is interested in volunteering at a shelter or animal rescue type of place for the summer. The issue is that she would need to be able to stay for a whole day for a few days per week while her dad is at work. Are there any such organizations that accommodate that kind of a program for that age? Has anyone had experience in their child doing that or works for such an organization? What kind of applications, etc. need to be done to sign up for such a thing?

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Check out East Bay SPCA camps

Both the East Bay SPCA in Oakland and ARF in Walnut Creek have summer camps for kids of all ages. I used to work at ARF and can say that the humane Ed and kid’s programs are excellent. I hear good things about the SPCA camps too. 

The East Bay SPCA has summer camps for kids  and teens can apply to be counselors-in-training (starting at 12).  My daughter attended the camp as a middle-school camper and had a good experience, she got to work with a shelter dog all week. Do not know what is involved to apply.

Check out Rabbit Ears in El Cerrito.