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  • My 10 year old is interested in learning upright bass, but I don't know how to find a teacher or lessons.  I can only find violin and cello when I look (or electric bass) but can't seem to find lessons or teachers for classical bass.  Any recommendations for a teacher or where to find one?

    Try They may be able to give you contact information for their bass specialist.



    I recommend Ravi Abcarian at Oaktown Jazz. It’s a great program - they do private lessons and also have group classes and ensembles. My kids love it.

    I would highly recommend Michel Taddei. He is on the faculty of the Crowden Music Center (510)559-6910, where he teaches bass and coaches ensembles. I believe he also has a private bass studio. My kids (who are strings players) had great experiences with him as an ensemble coach. 

    I second the recommendation for Michel Taddei. I don't know his teaching personally, but I've been impressed by the rate of improvement of a couple of his students. In addition, I do know that he's been working with kids in that age range for something like 20 years, is organized and diplomatic enough to be Crowden's administrative director of music, and in general seems like a good guy.

    -Betsy Marvit

  • Hi folks - I’m looking for a bass teacher for a12 year old new to bass. It can be online or outside. Does anyone have any recommendations for a teacher please ? 

    Yes! His name is Mirco Melone and he is an amazing bass teacher for students ranging from 8 to 80 years old. He has been teaching for 15 years and can help from beginners to experts. His love for music is infectious and your child will adore him. 

    You can text him at 510-388-0075 or write to mircomelonemusic [at] He also has a website at

    Highly recommended, for both virtual and in-person lessons! 

    My daughter has been learning electric bass with an awesome teacher, Vicky Grossi. She's been great at building a connection with a shy, reluctant kid. She teaches out of her home in Temescal or via Zoom. She also has a thriving practice with kids who sometimes perform together. FiveTen-708-4197 is her mobile phone.

    I can recommend Eric Lenchner, who teaches as "Professor Sludge." He taught my two kids and many others that we know, as well as adults we know. His specialties are electric guitar and bass, but he also teaches acoustic guitar, ukulele, drums, piano and trumpet.  He is in Oakland but only teaching via zoom now, not in-person. His contact info is eric [at] or 415-239-5390, or

  • I'm looking for a youngish, energetic electric bass teacher who is knowledgable re: current music.  Hopefully in the North Berkeley Area, my 12 year old daughter has taken lessons for about a year, and is looking forward to continuing.


    Luke Bace (yes-that's his real) name is exactly what you are looking for: North Berkeley, young, energetic and a great teacher.

    My teenage son has been taking lessons for years with Lisa Zeiler (415) 377-8588 / lisazeilermusic [at] I can't recommend her highly enough. She meets the kids where they are, she encourages them to play music they love. And she is very up to speed on contemporary music. (She also co-leads a series of amazing week-long band camps every summer that start out practicing and learning music at Ashkenaz, record at Fantasy Studios in Emeryville, and then perform at Ashkenaz at the end of the week.) She teaches at her home studio on the Berkeley Albany border. She's the best

    Hi there,

    I know an excellent electric bass teacher named Jesse Strauss. From him:

    "Electric bass lessons for all ages, genres, skill levels!I'm a professional working musician currently expanding my teaching work. I've taught electric bass to students ages 13-50, and have experience working in various contexts with middle and high school aged students - feel free to ask about it. I perform, play, and teach bass genres that range from jazz to funk, soul to rock, and most everything in between. I can teach lessons in my own space in West Oakland, or I can come to your East Bay home/location. I teach beginning to advanced levels, focusing on technique, music theory, ear training, improvisation, following chord charts, and I work to develop focus on whichever aspects are most motivating to the student musician.

    I always offer lessons at a sliding scale. In my home, from $25-$60 per hour (you decide what you can afford, knowing that music is my work and it's how I pay rent!). If I come to you, I'd ask for a little more based on travel time."
    You can call Jesse: 510-541-7361

Kai Eckhardt

Brilliant Bassist, teacher and able to think out of the box...really!

He plays with Zakir Hussain, and he works with my learning delayed troubled youth 

in Oakland public schools.  Text him, tell him Deb sent you - (510)207-5709  He's a genius, kind and sooo helpful!

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March 2013

RE: Guitar Lessons for Adult

I am taking lessons from Kerry Yates. He is fantastic. He teaches out of Subway Guitars on Cedar and Grant on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. He will teach you anything and he is patient and fun. My 13 year- old is taking bass lessons from him also. 415-531-2595 Joan

Bass guitar teacher for 16-year-old

March 2009

I am looking for a bass guitar teacher for my 16 year old daughter who has played the cello for years and would like to switch to the bass. Recommendations most appreciated. Thanks. anon

You HAVE to talk with Jeremy Cohen (525-5232) in No. Berkeley, just off Gilman. My son (12) has been studying with him for a few months, and we know many other folks who have raved about him, including the bassists for the Albany High jazz and R band. Highly recommended. jeff

I can highly recommend Heather at Groovemasters. She taught my daughter the bass with ease, patience, and fun. She's located in a storefront on MLK in North Berkeley. Her number is (925) 768-1087. Nadja

We have been extremely satisfied with my 16 year old sons bass teacher Jeff Obee. Jeff has been coming to our home for lessons for well over a year now. He is very kind, dependable, and keeps the lessons interesting. He is a great teacher and a great bass player. He can be reached at 384-9049. onika

Teen electric bass tutor wanted

Oct 2006

My 13 y/o boy is interested in playing the electric base. I have checked postings of professionals being recommended. Since I am not sure he will stick to this idea, I am reluctant to invest on a $60/hour instructor. Any young adult/teenager who is interested in tutoring this instrument in the Albany area ? Thanks for any recommendations. gladys

My daughter was going to Heather Kerrihard, who has a studio in Berkeley. It wasn't $60, more like $30 an hour. It was well worth it. She learned so much! Heather is a patient and learned teacher. And ''cool'' too. Her number is (925) 768-1087 nadja

Bass guitar teacher for 11-year-old

Oct 2005

My son the trumpet player wants to play bass (ala greenday, yellowcard, the matches and led zeppelin). He's eleven. We seek a bass teacher who reads music. We live in Montclair. Karen

Try Alameda School of Music on High St. 769-0195 wanna be strummer

Dynamite bass guitar teacher

May 2005

I'd like to recommend Clark Suprynowicz, my daughter's bass guitar teacher, a composer and musician and all-around great guy. He's fluent in dozens of musical styles, from jazz through through rock classical and contemporary, he also teaches composition, and he's and a most inspiring musical influence for any teenager. My 15-year-old daughter, not too easy to impress, thinks the world of him: he's easy to get along with, patient and just all-around cool. Clark has worked as a bassist with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Art Lande, Max Roach, and Tom Waits, and his operas are brilliant. You can reach him in Berkeley at clark AT, 1723 Stuart St., Berkeley Ca. 94703 tel: 510 649 9119. His Web site is

Electric Bass guitar for teens


For about a year my son has been taking bass guitar lessons from Jack Gates at Blue Note Music on Telegraph 644-2583 learning rock n roll. He seems to like him a lot.

I highly recommend Chris Solberg as an electric bass guitar and guitar teacher for teens. My son, 13, takes weekly lessons for 1/2 hour for $25/lesson. Chris really pushes him, yet imbues a love of music at the same time. Plus, my son thinks he is cool because he was the guitar player with Santana in the early 1980s. Chris teaches at Tupper & Reed in downtown Berkeley and also gives lessons in other locations. He's very flexible, fun, and devoted. He even came to the King Jr. High band performance a few months ago! His phone # is 510-547-8719. Maureen

My daughter and several of her friends take bass guitar lessons from Kerry Yates at a place next door to Subway Guitars on Cedar St. in Berkeley. They really like him alot; it's an easy walk from King or BHS; and he has a very reasonable sliding scale. I don't have his number on me, but I think it's posted on the window there, or e-mail me & I'll try to find it. randice