Music teacher willing to explore/develop alternative techniques

Dave Barry described the sound of his first band as if "strange and powerful instruments had been given to people as a treatment for neurological disorders".  In my case, that would literally be the truth.  I have something called motor dysgraphia, which means that my fine motor (finger) control is very poor and practice does not help.  My handwriting at 50 is the same as it was at 7.  My gross motor control (elbows and shoulders) is OK (I'm fine at racquetball).  For a good time, watch me trying to work a smartphone.

I've decided to take the bull by the horns and purchase a Bass Guitar, amp and (most importantly) headphones.  Victor Wooten is safe, I assure you.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a teacher that would be able to come up with ideas to work around what I can and can not do to come up with solutions?


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We have a perfect teacher. Our daughter, 17, was frustrated with traditional lessons, requirements for practice, learning notes before playing, etc. We found a wonderful teacher who just met her where she was, has worked with her and within a month she was playing songs, learning to read music, and practicing of her own accord with no nagging. She loves music lessons now. Her piano playing is coming along beautifully. Best of all she is enjoying music. He also teaches voice, and she is working on that as well as piano with him. He's a pianist, composer, songwriter, music director. Larry Tasse reachable at 510/316-1573, email: lpt270 [at] He will come to your house, and I couldn't recommend him more  highly.   

Kai Eckhardt

Brilliant Bassist, teacher and able to think out of the box...really!

He plays with Zakir Hussain, and he works with my learning delayed troubled youth 

in Oakland public schools.  Text him, tell him Deb sent you - (510)207-5709  He's a genius, kind and sooo helpful!