Upright bass (double bass, standup bass, contrabass) teacher?

My 10 year old is interested in learning upright bass, but I don't know how to find a teacher or lessons.  I can only find violin and cello when I look (or electric bass) but can't seem to find lessons or teachers for classical bass.  Any recommendations for a teacher or where to find one?

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Try https://www.crowden.org/private-lessons/. They may be able to give you contact information for their bass specialist.



I recommend Ravi Abcarian at Oaktown Jazz. It’s a great program - they do private lessons and also have group classes and ensembles. My kids love it.


I would highly recommend Michel Taddei. He is on the faculty of the Crowden Music Center (510)559-6910, where he teaches bass and coaches ensembles. I believe he also has a private bass studio. My kids (who are strings players) had great experiences with him as an ensemble coach. 

I second the recommendation for Michel Taddei. I don't know his teaching personally, but I've been impressed by the rate of improvement of a couple of his students. In addition, I do know that he's been working with kids in that age range for something like 20 years, is organized and diplomatic enough to be Crowden's administrative director of music, and in general seems like a good guy.

-Betsy Marvit