Desperate for Virtual Workouts for Adults

My kid is occupied pretty well with virtual school 5 days a week but I am going out of my mind with boredom and inactivity. Does anyone have any recommendations to share for Zoom group workouts for adults? (Yoga, weights, HIIT, stretching, etc.) I don't have a stationary bike and I'm not looking for youtube video workouts. I could really use some interaction with actual people, preferably through Zoom as that is the virtual software I'm most familiar with. Thank you!!

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My women's boot camp (Oakland Adventure Boot Camp) has started offering a Zoom class daily at 7:45AM. Email Anna Gunn for the details: oaklandbootcamp [at] 

There are many sources for online yoga, some of which are recorded and some are in real-time through Zoom, which definitely gives more of a sense of a real class. Check out The Green Yogi (a fantastic local studio), which is offering real-time classes with a few of their best teachers (sliding scale for payment). There are tons of other sources too, some free, including many recorded classes on Twitch (search "quarantine yoga" to find some). I don't know about the other types of classes you mentioned but I'm sure there are many options available. Good luck!

I just went on the YMCA website and they have loads of classes via Zoom.  You don't have to log in so I don't think you have to be a member.

The Dailey Method is offering zoom Barre classes. It's not an ideal way to be introduced to their awesome classes, but hey, desperate times! Here is a link to their Berkeley schedule, which is where the Zoom class sign-ups are residing. (In normal times they have both a Berkeley and Piedmont studio.) Link:

Vita Oakland has amazing classes that have all moved to zoom: Its 15 bucks a class. I love the barre and TrillogyHITT/ classes. 

Sweat, a local and independently owned and operated HIIT gym with locations in Albany and Oakland ( is offering a range of on-line classes, both scheduled and on-demand. They're fantastic!

My gym, Phasefit, is doing a live instagram workout every day except for Sundays. It is led by the instructors and has been a godsend for me in these trying times.

I imagine you could try a few for free (just go to phasefit on instagram and ask to follow them) and if you love it maybe you could ask about some sort of payment.

The live classes are at 8 AM Mon-Friday and 10 AM on Saturdays but they always keep them up (and have them on You Tube too) so if that time does not work you can still get it in that day.

I am happy to share more if you have questions.

Gretchen_Davidson [at]

Tiffany Dacko runs HIIT/strength/resistance training workouts outside under normal circumstances and has taken them to zoom during this crisis. Her business it call Balanced Fitness For Moms and you can find her online and email her to be included. She has good energy and her humor brightens the day.

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LA dancefit

Core Pilates Sausalito is doing virtual workouts via Zoom, as is Shawl Anderson.

Hi! I know some local yoga studios are offering yoga classes via Zoom right now. Check out Left Coast Yoga and Namaste

The Berkeley studio of the Dailey Method is doing online classes on zoom. They are great! Highly recommend.

The Dailey Method in Berkeley has a regular schedule of Zoom workouts right now. The information/sign up can be found on their website

My Sunday dance class is now being conducted over zoom and it's super fun. If you go to Sexitude on Facebook, you'll find updates and links. We do a different routine every month - this month is Lady Gaga "Stupid Love." We start with stretching and warm up, then go through the choreography and do the full dance at the end. 

Sweat Oakland is a local HIIT studio doing body weight classes via Zoom. Instructors and workouts are amazing!

Square One Yoga in Emeryville, Temescal, El Cerrito has gone onto Zoom.  All the class schedules are listed under the Temescal location.

It worked well for me this week.  

Check out workouts from the Sweat studio (Oakland, Albany)-- they are all virtual now via Zoom! No equipment needed. Sign up for a specific class time, or get the workout emailed directly to you. I've been very satisfied with the workouts, and so happy the gym is able to offer this given the shelter in place order. Highly recommend!

I just joined 510Fit4Mom, which was formerly all in-person and is now online. They've got a full 2X day workout schedule of classes plus kid playgroups. Plus Monica who runs it is awesome. Plus right now it sliding scale.

Mountain yoga in Montclair s streaming classes

Also Hot Spot Yoga in Oakland

In case you know or want to practice spanish, there is ( based in Argentina ;) )

In a way, we are lucky to be able to slow down for a little bit...enjoy if you can.

The Dailey Method! They're offering at least three classes daily and instructors have been killing it.

Emai:l berkeleyzumba [at]

Bonnie is the teacher and she's doing Zoom Zumba classes three times a week. Her classes are fun and energetic, and I really like her selection of music. There probably isn't much instruction, but there is a lot of repetition, so it isn't that hard to follow.