How to Unsubscribe from BPN

How to Unsubscribe

  1. Do you have a parent subscription or another type of free subscription? If so, the only thing you need to do is cancel the newsletters - see #3 below.

  2. Do you have a paid subscription?  If so, you might need to cancel automatic payments to BPN.  You can tell if you have automatic renewal by clicking the "Orders" tab on your account page.  Login to your Paypal account and cancel auto payments to BPN so you won't be charged again. See "How do I cancel automatic renewal?" for detailed instructions.  You can also unpublish any posts that are active on your account page. See How to Delete a Post.

  3. Are you receiving any BPN email newsletters? If so, scroll to the end of a newsletter and click where it says: "To PERMANENTLY stop ALL BPN newsletters you can do that here." 

Do you ever revoke subscriptions?

Yes. It doesn't happen often, but BPN reserves the right to unsubscribe members at our discretion.

Here are some of the reasons we have unsubscribed members in the past:

  1. Not eligible to subscribe, such as a parent who does not live in the Bay Area, or a business that does not specifically serve parents or children.
  2. Providing false information on the subscription form, such as subscribing as a parent when you are not a parent, or stating that you live in the Bay Area when you don't.
  3. Subscribing as a parent, but using BPN's messaging service to send private messages to other subscribers about the services you offer. For example, if you are offering childcare you must purchase a subscription in order to use BPN to find childcare jobs.
  4. Failure to follow BPN policies, such as posting reviews in exchange for a favor or payment, or promoting one's own business in the Parent Q&A listing.
  5. Causing trouble for the BPN moderators, such as being rude, or repeatedly emailing moderators to complain about BPN's policies or decisions.
  6. Causing trouble for other BPN subscribers, such as signing them up to a mailing list without their consent, or sending them a private message to complain about their post, or offer a service that they did not specifically request.