How to Unsubscribe from BPN


  1. Do you have a parent subscription? If so, the only thing you need to do is cancel the newsletters - see #3 below.

  2. Do you have a community subscription?  
    • Did you pay a subscription fee? If so, you might need to cancel automatic renewal on Paypal.  You can tell if you have automatic renewal by clicking the "Orders" tab on your account page.  Login to your Paypal account and cancel auto payments to BPN so you won't be charged again. See "How do I cancel automatic renewal?"   
    • Unpublish any active posts on your account page. See How to Delete a Post.
    • See #3 below about newsletters.

  3. Are you receiving any BPN email newsletters? If you no longer want to receive them, scroll to the end of a newsletter and click where it says: "To PERMANENTLY stop ALL BPN newsletters you can do that here."