How to Unsubscribe from BPN

For parent subscribers, you just need to unsubscribe from any newsletters you are currently receiving. See #4 below for details about how to do that. Community subscribers may need to cancel auto-renewal at - see instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  1. Are you subscribed as a parent (free subscription)?  

    • Yes: Go to #4

    • No, I'm a school, childcare provider, or business:   Go to #2

  2. Do you pay a subscription fee that automatically renews every year? (See the "Orders" tab on your account page*.)

    • Yes:  You must cancel automatic renewal on your Paypal account so you won't be charged again.   Login at and cancel auto payments to BPN. For details, see "How do I cancel automatic renewal?"   

    • No:  Your subscription will expire automatically one year from when you subscribed. Go to #3

  3. Do you have any active posts that you want to cancel?

    • Yes: Unpublish your post by going to your account page* and clicking the title on the post. See How to Delete a Post.

    • No: Go to #4 

  4. Cancel any BPN email newsletters you are receiving: Scroll to the end of a newsletter and click where it says: "To PERMANENTLY stop ALL BPN newsletters you can do that here."  


* account page: click "my account" at the top of any page when you are logged in to BPN. More info: How to Manage Your Account