Repeated Postings

Why We Have This Policy

In the interest of keeping BPN useful for parents, we ask that subscribers not repeatedly post the same message to the BPN website. Repeated postings make the listings longer, which reduces the value of other postings that have not been posted multiple times. Multiple postings from the same person increase work for the volunteers, and are not fair to the other subscribers who have posted only once. If you didn't receive the response you were expecting from your first posting, please explore other resources rather than repeating your post to the same audience.

Advice & Reviews

BPN does not accept the following kinds of posts in Parent Q&A or Parents of Teens:

  • More than one review of the same person/school/business from the same subscriber (updated reviews 2-3 years later are OK)
  • The same question posted more than once.  Please use other resources besides BPN if you didn't get the response you were looking for.

Childcare, Announcements, Events, and Marketplace Listings

BPN does not accept the following:

  • More than one published post at a time from the same subscriber about the same topic.  
  • Max of 3 published posts at a time, per listing, from the same subscriber, assuming each post is about something different.
  • The same item posted to Marketplace multiple times. If you didn't get any response the first time you posted, please use other resources.
  • More info: How often can I post to the Childcare message board?

Other Resources to Use Besides BPN

  • Freecycle - free items (google for your local list)
  • Greatschools K-12 school database
  • Parents Press local advertising
  • Yelp - unsolicited reviews of everything