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  • Stylist who uses henna for coloring?

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    I’m a mature woman with short, thin, fine, wavy hair. It’s gotten more Einstein-like as I’ve aged, and I would really like to find a stylist near Berkeley who can not only give me a reliably nice cut, but who also uses henna for coloring instead of the traditional chemical color. 
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    I use Aisha to color my hair with henna 1 (510) 830-8825. She rents a space on lower Solano ave.

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Henna at home - weak and ineffectual

Feb 2007

I need help getting henna to work as a hair color. I went to a salon recommended on these pages (Elixer) and had henna applied. It looked good, but I can't afford to go there regularly. (It was $180 for cut and color, which I'm sure is reasonable, I just don't have the money.) The stylist wouldn't share information on the source of her henna. Then I tried it at home, with a product called ''Mountain Naturals'' (I think) from Whole Foods, purchased for about $5. Purportedly pure henna, nothing added. I followed the same procedure as the salon (hot coffee, wait an hour) but I don't have a hot hood to bake my head in for the hour, so I couldn't keep it as hot. The color was much weaker and ineffectual. Do I have to give in to gray, or can someone point me to the magic product? Thanks washed out

Try Jennifer at Elemental , she will apply Henna for you as a service, or she will sell you the Hennna for you to apply yourself. I think her and the person who is now at Elixir used to work together, and might use the same product. By the way, both Jennifer and Kristen at Elemental give a FANTASTIC haircut!! Elemental's phone number is: 510-527-6226 henna henna henna

You can purchase excellent henna at the Indian Grocery stores on University Ave. and on San Pablo Ave in Berkeley for about $3. I've done my partner's hair with great results. I just mix a paste, add lemon juice, leave it to sit for a few hours, and go to town (I've used tea for the liquid as well). It helps to put vasoline on your face, neck and ears to keep the dye off those areas. Melanie

Stylist to apply henna

April 2004

I am looking for a hairstylist who can apply henna to cover my grey hair. (I'm allergic to chemical dyes.) Preferably, this person would be in North Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito, and would not charge an arm and a leg. Thank you very much.

Re: Stylist to apply henna (April 2004)
Recommendations received:

  • Elemental (2) W. Berkeley
  • Elixir N. Berkeley

    More advice:

    Why not do it yourself? Here are some resources:
    http://www.galaxina.net/henna/ http://www.hennaforhair.com/ http://www.hennaforhair.com/forum/messages/61.html http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/search.php?searchid=19353
    good luck