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Re: Henna at home - weak and ineffectual
Try Jennifer at Elemental, she will apply Henna for you as a service, or she will sell you the Hennna for you to apply yourself. I think her and the person who is now at Elixir used to work together, and might use the same product. By the way, both Jennifer and Kristen at Elemental give a FANTASTIC haircut!! Elemental's phone number is: 510-527-6226 henna henna henna
Re: Stylist for thick, curly hair (June 2005)
Let's face the facts. When I make my hair appointment, I really am asking for more than a haircut. I want to look and feel fabulous in an hour or less. Furthermore, I want that look and feeling to last until the next appointment.

Jennifer Archbold is the answer. Cutting, styling and coloring hair for two decades, Jennifer is extremely gifted. She's a master of ever type of hair. Set aside the fact that she's deft with scissors, Jennifer understands that the appointment is for me and about me.

She listens to my needs, then examines the type and physical condition of my hair to see how it lays and falls around my face and head. Before cutting, she makes suggestions for my final approval.

After each appointment, I feel rejuvenated. Jennifer is truly the best in her field. To contact:
Jennifer Archbold Elemental Berkeley, CA 510.527.6226

Re: Stylist to apply henna (April 2004)
Elemental Salon (527-6226) is run by 2 women (I see Kristin Killian), both committed to not using chemicals in their business. Both my daughter and I get our hair cut at their salon, which is in an in-law type apartment behind Kristin's house in west Berkeley. I know they only use henna for dying, but don't know how much it costs. Kristin charges ~50 for an hour long haircut, including shampooing, drying, etc. I pay ~25 for my daughter, for the same treatment. It is wonderful to not have to smell the chemicals, and feel like someone really cares about your hair. I highly recommend Kristin. I have never been to her partner, Jennifer. Kristen B
Re: Stylist to apply henna (April 2004)
For great henna hair color call Kristin Kilian at (510) 527- 6226. She doesn't use any chemical dyes in her salon. She is near 6th St. & Cedar in Berkeley. K.W.
Re: Hair Stylist for Environmental Sensitivities (June 2002)
For ''toxin-free'' hair care, I'd like to recommend my hairdresser Kristin. Her salon, called Elemental, is a lovely single-client spot in West Berkeley. She uses natural shampoos etc and does not color or perm hair, so no icky chemicals. Her number is 510-527-6226. Jocelyn
Re: Haircutters for Curly Hair (2001)
There's a hair salon called Elemental, 1019 Solano Avenue, east of San Pablo Avenue, Albany, that is just great. One hair stylist, Susan, is quite an artist with styling and she has the most gorgeous curly hair herself. The salon uses high quality, natural products.
Re: Haircutters for Curly Hair (2001)
Hair Stylist -- Elemental (update) A poster mentioned Elemental on Solano below San Pablo. I've been going there since it opened and have been very happy (my hair is somewhat curly). I see Kristen. HOWEVER, please note that they've lost their lease at that location and are currently working out of a salon in the Kensington Circle area (Colusa). I don't know the exact location or address, but you can reach them at their old phone number: 527-6226. Letitia