About Posting Reviews on BPN

General Policies for Reviews

For details and more information about the policies, see Policies for Parent Q&A and Unsolicited Reviews.

  1. First-hand experience. All reviews must clearly show that the parent posting it, or their child, has direct experience with the school or business being reviewed. You must say enough in your review that the moderator can tell whether you have used this service yourself.

  2. Reviews of family, friends & colleagues. BPN does not accept reviews that might be biased by a personal or professional relationship.

  3. Self-promotional reviews. Posting a review of your own business is not allowed on BPN, whether explicit or implied, including offering free professional advice or signing your post with your business name or email address.

  4. Compensated reviews. BPN does not accept reviews that have been posted in exchange for a favor, discount, or any other type of compensation. See Compensated Reviews & Reciprocal Reviews.

  5. Negative reviews and criticisms must conform to BPN's Negative Review Policy. Reports heard from others are not accepted. Gossip is not accepted. 

  6. Deceptive reviews. Reviews that are deliberately misleading or written in a way that will give readers a false impression, are not accepted and can result in your subscription being revoked.  See Deceptive Reviews for policy details.

  7. Multiple reviews. Only one review per subscriber about the same school or business is accepted. See Repeated Postings