Compensated and Reciprocal Reviews

BPN does not accept reviews that have been posted in exchange for a favor, discount, or any other type of compensation.

  • A compensated review is a favorable review of a school or business that was posted in exchange for a discount, service, gift, or other favor, or to fulfill a school obligation such as parent volunteer hours.

  • A reciprocal review is a favorable review of a business that was posted by someone  who receives or expects to receive a favorable review of their own business in return. This includes members of business referral groups who post a review of a fellow member. 

Why we don't accept these: BPN's mission is to be a helpful resource for parents. Parent subscribers submit reviews not for any personal gain, but to help fellow parents make better decisions about local services, businesses and schools. Reviews on BPN are often less biased and more reliable than the ones found on other sites because of this.  Reviews that were posted to BPN in exchange for a favor, gift, or any other type of compensation, or on behalf of a reciprocal review group,  diminish the value of BPN's reviews, have less value for parents, and are counter to the not-for-profit mission of BPN.

If we find that a favorable review was posted under these circumstances, we unsubscribe the person who posted. We remove all reviews for the business or school that was reviewed, and we don't accept further postings about that business or school. See Deceptive Reviews for more information.