Teen social anxiety therapist or group?


I’m looking for resources – CBT therapists or teen groups – to help my 14 year old with social anxiety. If you’ve had a good recent experience, I would be grateful for a recommendation, ideally for a therapist/group in the East Bay. Thanks!

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We have experience with Ilyana Romanovsky www.berkeleymentalhealth.com. She is a highly skilled CBT therapist that does exposure therapy to desensitize and help work through various forms of anxiety, OCD, etc. She is very expensive, but it is generally meant to be a short-term, targeted therapy. It is intense. Heidi Ronfeldt is another CBT therapist that works with kids, teens, and adults and has been highly recommended to us.  www.heidironfeldtphd.com I think both are doing virtual sessions these days. 

Good luck!

My daughter started going to Kate Eckman's teen anxiety group and it has been wonderful!