Revoking or Rejecting a Subscription

BPN reserves the right to cancel or decline a subscription for the following reasons, or any other reason, in our sole discretion.

  1. Not eligible to subscribe, such as a parent who does not live in the Bay Area, or a business that does not specifically serve parents or children.

  2. Providing false information on the subscription form, such as subscribing as a parent when you are not a parent.

  3. Using BPN's messaging service to send private messages to other subscribers about your business or the services you offer if you are subscribed as a parent. 

  4. Failure to follow BPN policies, such as submitting deceptive or fraudulent postsposting reviews in exchange for a favor or payment, or promoting one's own business in the Parent Q&A listing.

  5. Causing trouble for the BPN moderators, such as repeatedly emailing moderators to complain about BPN's policies or decisions.

  6. Causing trouble for other BPN subscribers, such as signing them up to a mailing list without their consent, or sending them a private message to complain about their post, or offering a service that they did not specifically request.