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Daughter (5) and mom yoga on Saturday

March 2016

I'm looking for a Saturday morning yoga class for adults and kids, that is interesting/fun for kids, and also a good workout for adults. My daughter is 5. Also would be great to find a place where there are separate classes at same time for kids and adults. Any recommendations are appreciated! Miss yoga classes

Hi there! Square One Yoga's El Cerrito location has a Sat. AM yoga class: I haven't been to this class yet myself, but I love most of the classes that Square One Yoga has to offer! Connie

Although the classes don't take place on Saturdays, this might be a timely reminder that local family support agency Family Paths runs a free class on Wednesday mornings at West Oakland Branch Library, 1801 Adeline Street, Oakland, 94607. This class focuses on learning stress reducing breathing and stretching techniques for parents and caregivers of young children. Dates in March are 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. Taught by Claudia Hein, LCSW of Family Paths. Call 800-893-3777 for details. Shay Black

Square One Yoga in El Cerrito has a family yoga class at 8:30am on Saturdays that sounds like what you're looking for. I've gone a few times with my 4-yr-old and she loves it. Parents can get a good workout if you go in with that intention -- you need to walk in the door ready to embrace your inner child and hop like a frog, blast off like a rocketship, etc. Yogini mama

Seeking family yoga class for 3.5 yr old & mama

May 2012

I am looking for a yoga class I can do with my 3.5 year old in the Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito area. Preferably any afternoon after 1:00pm any day of the week or Sunday mornings, or any evening before 8pm. Yogalayam is not offering a class right now, but will on Sat am when we are in synagogue. NirogaÂ’s family yoga is at the same time. Desperate to stretch while I have my bubbly child, who loves the yoga for kids they do at her preschool. Alameda or too far into Oakland is too far to drive. Alternatively, can you recommend a DVD we can do together? Michelle

Try Bloom Retreat in Walnut Creek. They have a wonderful yoga program for mom's and babies. Michelle has an amazing business going. sarah

Exercise/yoga class for parents and kids?

Dec 2011

I am wondering if there are any exercise classes or yoga or dance classes (anything with some kind of workout), for both parents and kids to participate in together, preferably quite informal so if the kids can't follow perfectly they can kind of just run around ( my daughter is only 3.5 right now). Weekends or early evenings. Seems like there would be good demand for something like that, so working parents can be with their kids after work and still get some exercise. Thanks.

There is a really great yoga program at Yogalayam in Berkeley for families- its family yoga and you pay per child. They are really great with the kids- my now 4 year old went when she was 3.5 and really loved it but I got pregnant and started going to their prenatal yoga class. Every Saturday morning 10am-12pm. Its in a nice space. They also have a wonderful Postnatal Yoga with babies which I am going to now, and a Toddler and mom Yoga. Yoga Mom

Weekend Parent-Toddler Yoga class

Nov 2011

Hello, I'm hoping to find a yoga class for parents and toddlers *together* that meets on the weekends. All I've found are prenatal classes that allow pre-crawlers, or classes for older kids. I'm open to everything from a straightforward Ashtanga class to a crazy not-really-yoga-anymore climbing-all-over-mommy class. Thanks so much! Becky

Seriously, I feel you. The two parent-toddler yoga classes in the East Bay are both on Monday mornings, at THE SAME TIME. What's up with that?

Anyway, I have taken my 2 y.o. to a couple of Family Yoga classes with Sheri Spellwoman on Saturdays in Berkeley. The class is more geared toward older kids but is totally welcoming of my daughter being a toddler (making noise, eating snacks, not doing much yoga, etc.). I like that all the adults do yoga together with the kids, and I get a pretty good workout too.

Only down side is that the class is held in a loft/ art gallery type space which is kind of exciting (parrot! drums! giant bus!), and sometimes my child wants to run off and explore, so I have to run after her.

So far the class has been two Saturdays a month and I can't remember which ones it is in November, but you can email Sheri at: spellwoman [at]

P.S. Thanks to this class, my daughter now does ''boat pose'' at home while singing ''Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. If you see an alligator, don't forget to scream!'' Hilarious. I have to say, singing a goofy song makes boat pose much more bearable. Family yoga mama

Toddler Yoga Eastbay

Feb 2011

I am looking for a toddler yoga class for my 2 year old during the week. I am open to a mama toddler class or just a kids class. I know of Yogalayam, but am looking for some other options. I thought I saw a post a while ago in Oakland, but can't find any information. Thanks! Really wanting to stretch

Cynthea Denise teaches a ''village yoga'' class for moms and their babies/toddlers/kids. It's on Wednesdays at Monkey Yoga Shala on Lakeshore. It's at 11:15 am. I think Cynthea's website is Or the class might be listed on the monkey yoga site. I haven't been in a while bc I now work on Wednesdays, but I used to love it! Another yoga mom

Beth Houghton of Bendy Berry Yoga ( teaches yoga at my daughter's daycare and she (my 2 year old) LOVES it. Beth also teaches a toddler yoga class at EB Dance off of Park Blvd in Oakland on Monday mornings. Laura​

Mindfulness meditation and yoga for 4-year-old?

April 2010

Hi- I'm looking for a class to go to with my 4-year-old where we can learn mindfulness meditation and yoga/breathing practices together. Does anyone know of a class like this in the area? I see stuff for parents- but haven't for children. Thanks for suggestions!! meditative mama

Try Yogalayam, on Alcatraz. Sarasvathi Devi offers wonderful yoga classes, including ones for children ages 3-5., 510-655-3664, or info [at] Yvonne

Yoga class for me and 5-year-old?

Feb 2010

I've been thinking of trying a yoga class with my 5 year old boy. Anyone know of any that specifically cater to a parent going with a young child?

Alameda Yoga Station, on Central, has a class mostly for the kids, first of the month is the parent-kid class. Lots of fun, Susan is great. Parking is cheap, too! S. Carter

Mom & Me Yoga Class

March 2009

I'm looking for a yoga class that I can take with my 5 year old daughter in the Berkeley / Oakland area. Suggestions? tami

Alameda Yoga Station has a Kids Yoga class on Friday afternoons. The teacher is a mom and is certified to teach kids. I don't know if moms usually stay for the class or not but you could check it out. another mom & daughter yoga team

Check out Niroga (in Berkeley on University) on Saturday mornings. There is a family class from 10:30-11:45am. Also, upcoming at YogaKula in North Berkeley is post-mother's day event on May 30th with a class for moms and kids of different ages. Check the website for more info. Laura

Yoga for mom and 4-year-old

Dec 2008

I've been wanting to get my daughter (age 4) into yoga in a group setting since when we practice at home she loses patience /interst fast. Know of any good classes for kids her age?

there is a great toddler yoga class at yogalayam on alcatraz (between king and ellis) in berkeley. it's on mondays at 9:15am and they serve really yummy snacks too (included in the $14/class drop-in fee). haia

Niroga just started offering classes for parents and kids. As far as I know, it's the only class of this sort in the East Bay. There used to be one at the YMCA but that instructor is the founder of the new Niroga Center on University Ave in Berkeley. Check it out: for kids 3-93 years old, Sundays from 10:30-11:30 (suggested donation per family $15) 1808 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703 (Niroga is a great organization serving underserved communities and offering donation based classes.) Happy Yogi

Yoga for mom and two-year-old in Oakland?

Sept 2008

Hi- I'd like to take some yoga classes with my 2-year-old. Does anyone know of a class we can go to together in Oakland? Thank you. Shari

I heard Loka Yoga in Oakland in the Laurel District on MacArthur (I believe) is supposed to have family yoga that's supposed to be pretty nice and fun for the kids. Hoping to hit up the family yoga soon too

There is a parent-toddler yoga class at Yogalayam Mondays 9:15-11:15am. Near Oakland in Berkeley at 1723 Alcatraz Avenue. -

Yoga for parent and 6-year-old child?

August 2008

I work out regularly and used to dance, but I never have done any form of yoga. I'm a single parent with a six-year old, and don't generally have much time (or available money for a sitter) to begin taking regular yoga classes on my own, but was hoping that perhaps there might be a yoga class that my daughter and I could take together? I'd love for her to learn yoga as well. What style of yoga? Not very sure, but would like to take a class with a good instructor, in whatever style might be possible for a mom and her little girl...Locations? Berkeley, North Oakland, El Cerrito, Albany would all be options... Looking to get more flexible

I was just looking at Parent and child Yoga classes myself and found one at 4th Street Yoga in Berkeley. I don't know anybody that has taken the class there, but the studio itself has a good reputation. Eka

I would check out Yogalayam on Alcatraz in Berkeley. Saraswathi is a WONDERFUL yoga instructor, and I believe there is a class for parents and kids (check out the website for the scheduled class). I attended prenatal, post-natal (with baby) and now attend the toddler yoga class. I love it! Good luck. Yoga Mom

Toddler Yoga Class

May 2008

Anyone know of a yoga class for toddlers (with parents), preferably in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Thanks. kelly

My son and I have been enjoying Toddler Yoga class at Yoga for Life on Solano Ave. in Albany, . He doesn't always do the poses in class, but I find he tries them out at home and remembers what we did from class to class. It's great to see him exploring what he can do with his body. The instructor, Lori, is patient, relaxed, and makes yoga fun. Her experience as a Montessori teacher shows. Lisa

Mom/Baby Yoga and/or Infant massage?

May 2008

Hi, Has anyone has taken a mom and infant massage and/or yoga class that was great? If so, please let me know. Thanks! Nicole

My son and I took a parent/baby yoga class at Yoga for Life on Solano Ave. in Berkeley, . It was nice to be able to do some yoga with my son there and incorporate him into some of the poses. Now that he is mobile, he is participating much more in our Toddler Yoga class at the same studio. You can try a class for $10 to see if it works for you and your baby. Lisa

My friend introduced me to Yogalayam (on Alcatraz near Adeline), and I've taken pre-natal yoga, child birth prep, and postnatal yoga + infant massage with Saraswati. For me, they were all wonderful and so helpful. She offered these clases twice a week - started with infant massage for about 1/2 hour, followed by yoga for you while your baby either hangs out or plays under the care of great assistants. I'm not yoga expert, but it was a great time to 1) really develop a greater comfort in handling my daughter (a colicky, cranky baby) and 2) just time to try to stretch and excercise and relax a bit, and 3) nice to enjoy the company of the other moms. Saraswati throughout my pregancy and after was always a great source of information (teas, herbs, what to do for cramps, indigestion, you name it). I will always remember how Juni started squalling at the top of her lungs, but then calmed down magically (for a while) when Saraswati calmly approached her an played a large tambour drum, soft deep reassuring like a heartbeat. This habit of massage has been a wonderful bonding gift I continue off and on to share with my now 3yo toddler. linda

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Earlier Reviews

Yoga class for mom and 10-y-o daughter

Dec 2007

I'm looking for a yoga class that my daughter, who is 10, and myself, who has not done yoga in a long time, can take together! Oakland would be the best! But not essential. After school, or sunday afternoons are best. Thanks! leela

There is a new studio that just opened in Laurel village/Diamond called Loka Yoga on MacArthur between Fruitvale and 35th. The owner Alice is a great teacher and she just mentioned that she was going to start an after school class for kids/parents. I don't know if it has started yet but it would be worth a call or to check her site, she is on blog spot... Good luck! Kari

Yoga class for mom and 11-y-o daughter

Sept 2005

I'm looking for a yoga class that I can take with my 11-year-old daughter. Most classes seem to be strictly for kids or strictly for adults (or ''baby and me''). Do you know of any exceptions to that rule? I'd be interested in hearing about any other artistic or exercise-related class that an 11-year-old and adult can take together. Thanks.

Hi, You can read my answer to the person who asked about ''yoga with injuries'' for my full review of my yoga studio, Yoga Mandala. I have been going there and occasionally bringing my son since he was 10 (he's 11 now). We have attended both Hatha and Vinyassa classes together, the beginning yoga class was great when we first started going. They have a yoga pass for kids, and there is at least one other mom that brings her son. They also have classes for kids, but they have no problem with kids coming to the regular classes.

The classes are 90 minutes for the most part, which can be a long time for a kid, so take this into account. My son is a real ''monkey boy'', never still, big fidgeter, but it is amazing how focused (with a few episodes of spacing out) he can remain through a whole class. Before class I always remind him to drop back to the previous pose if something is too hard, and that child's pose is where he can rest at any time.

He loves Yoga, and it's a great thing to do together! Leigh

I want to recommend Flow Like a River Yoga Studio to anyone looking for a great yoga class at a child centered studio. My son (2.5) and I take the Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. class. For the first 1/2 hour we have a mommy/child playful yoga class. Then the kids play with a couple of fabulous caregivers, while I get some valuable yoga time. It's really terrific. Here's the contact info: Flow Like a River Yoga 2718 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, Ca 94705 510.841.0651 J & J

Preschooler Yoga Class

July 2003

My 3 year old has a sudden interest in yoga. I checked the archives and can't find anything very concrete or recent. Does anyone know of a good yoga class for the preschool set? Or a Mommy & Me Yoga class with preschoolers? Jaime

Well since you didn't specify East Bay or San Francisco I feel compelled to rave about our parent/toddler yoga class here in The City, Yoga Doodles, taught by the always fabulous Teddy Kellam. We've been going for several months now and while at first my (not-quite-3 year old) son seemed to think of it more as ''story time'' (he would contentedly sit and watch all the action, which actually left me to get a great bit of yoga in), he's now fully participating and even does yoga and sings the songs at home. We both get a good stretch and a good laugh out of it. Check out: Isabel

Family-friendly yoga studio

Oct 2007

I'm looking for a place to practice yoga and meditation has a really supportive and down-to-earth environment, provides programs for families and has a spiritual feeling. Any ideas? Mary

Yogalayam in Berkeley is a wonderful, nourishing, family-friendly environment. Saraswathi is a guiding teacher who brings together her decades of expertise as a yoga teacher with her love for families to grow and thrive in a supportive, spiritual and loving community environment. The Founder-Director of the center is Swami Vignanananda. There are classes in yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy for beginning, intermediate and advanced adult students as well as classes for people with disabilities.

The family program is comprehensive. There are classes in pre-natal yoga, post-natal yoga, natural childbirth, couples' bodywork and infant massage. The parent-toddler class devotes time for parents to practice yoga, has exceptional child care and a snack/song/storytime. There is a new family program for parents and children together, and there are yoga classes for children 3 years of age and older.

I began my yoga practice with Saraswathi when I was still trying to conceive and have continued as my girls are now three. It has been so beneficial to go to a studio where I can bring my children and completely trust how beautifully they will be held and cared for by Saraswathi and her loving staff. I also am a total beginner with some physical injuries and Saraswathi has been able to adapt postures for me as needed, while still encouraging me to gain new strength and flexibility in my body. Now my girls are starting to become little yoginis!

She is a master of yoga, but more deeply her heart pours out support and a solid anchor for people to develop their yoga practice. I encourage you to attend a class and see if you find the jewels that I did - compassion, yoga expertise, care for the entire family and a fabulous community of other parents to grow with. bonnie

As a physical therapist and dancer, I've tried many East Bay studios looking for excellent yoga classes. I've found nothing that compares to the program taught by Saraswathi Devi at Yogalayam for their organization called Prana Yoga Ashram. Her knowledge and expertise, combined with her talented instruction make her classes the very best the East Bay has to offer. You will find that you have worked hard physically, tended to your emotions and spirit, and even tuned up your various organ and immune systems.

The program centered on families is especially impressive. Saraswathi Devi teaches prenatal and postnatal (with your baby) classes, as do many studios; however, Yogalayam/Prana Yoga Ashram's commitment to families extends further, as Saraswathi also offers classes for toddlers and their parents or caregivers which are designed to allow the adults to get some yoga practice in while the kids play with wonderful natural toys and books. There is a special time set aside to practice yoga with the children, as well, presented through singing, dancing and storytelling. Additionally they employ sensitive and responsive caregivers at both the postnatal and toddler classes, so that the adults have a greater chance of being able to participate.

Beyond the toddler age, Yogalayam offers classes for older children and all manner of classes and programs for adults. In this way, you and your children can make yoga practice a part of your life for years.

Yogalayam is a special place. You will find yourself truly welcome, whatever your family configuration and whoever you are as an individual. Gayle

Family Yoga Classes

September 2001

Hi, I'm looking for a family yoga class, if such a thing exists. My kids are 3.5 and 7.5. Thanks for any leads. Jan

I think there is a new yoga studio that opened up on Solano Avenue in Albany near the Sweet Potatoes outlet. They work with kids. You can check about a family class. Jenn See also: Yoga Video for Kids