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Yoga class for 5 year old

March 2012

I believe that my 5-year old daughter would benefit from a yoga class, where she could get exercise and mindfulness training combined. Does anyone have any recommendations for places in Berkeley that hold classes that 5-year-olds can attend?

My daughter has really enjoyed Jnana McGowan's yoga classes since she was in kindergarten (she's a third grader now). Jnana teaches an afterschool yoga class at Walden School in Berkeley but also offers camps and other classes. Her website is Yoga kid

Yoga class for 4-year-old

April 2007

My 4-year old is in love with yoga. She did classes at the Albany Community Center (which are no longer happening) and likes her video, but she wants another class. Does anyone know of a yoga class for preschoolers that occurs during the weekend or after 3PM on weekdays? dawn

I haven't been able to take my son yet to Adrienne's YogaKids class at The Yoga & Movement Center, 1379 Locust Street, Walnut Creek, mostly because I work full time. The current classes are being held on Fridays through April 27, 3:30 P.M.4:15 P.M. All ages welcome. Recommended for kids 5-8 years old. Cost: $80 for 8-week session (began in March). $12 Drop-ins, if space is available. Pre-registration recommended. No refunds unless class is cancelled due to low enrollment. Registration forms are available to download at or call 925-639-6881. For more information or contact Adrienne at ayogakid [at] or 925-639-6881. Adrienne's website is Son loves yoga!

Yoga therapist for special needs 6-y-o

June 2006

I'm looking for a yoga therapist, preferably with some experience in early childhood development, who can work with my 6-yo son, either individually or in a small group. I don't want a kids yoga class, but a more individualized, intensive, therapeutic type of yoga therapy. My son has a neurological condition that causes anxiety, frustration, intolerance and rages. I'd like for him to work with someone specifically on relaxation, meditation, body and emotion awareness, as well as the physical aspects of yoga. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks! Trying everything

A year or so ago, I worked with a great yoga instructor named Katie Lewis who also taught classes for children and at-risk kids. I don't know if she would be interested, but I would suggest contacting her. She currently teaches at 7th Heaven Body Awareness Center 2820 Seventh Street Berkeley, CA 94710 510-665-4300 tel 510-665-5840 fax seventhheavenyoga [at] Hopefully Helpful

Yoga for preschool/kindergarten age children?


My daughter loves the YogaKids video from the Berkeley Public Library - Does anyone know if there is a place which teaches yoga to preschool/kindergarten age children? We would like to try it out.

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There is a kids yoga class taught by Bronwyn Michaelis on Mondays at Addison and Bonar. Parents can participate as well if they want to... Call 548-3754 Best, Sooz

Yoga - Susan Hagen, the director of New School, a Berkeley pre-school, teaches Yoga to kids. Toby

Ha'Ha This A Way, teaches yoga for kids on Fridays. Raissa