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  • Hi All!

     I am looking for a yoga class that is able adjust moves for  Diastasis Recti post C-section. I tried yoga classes offered at my gym and it made the DR separation worse (I don't think the instructor understood the physiology of DR), so now looking for instructors that are experienced in post-partum concerns in the El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley area. Thanks!

    The Bay Area expert on postpartum yoga is Annemaria Rajala. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 

    Take good care!

    You should check out Annemaria Yoga. She is great and really focuses on pre and post-natal yoga. I took the Connecting Core workshop online (because of the pandemic), but I think she is also offering some in person classes in Berkeley. I highly recommend the Connected Core workshop, it really helped me strengthen my core after delivery. She had some techniques for assessing abdominal separation and talked a bit about DR as well, although I didn't get it. I had a really hard time getting back into any kind of exercise after my vaginal delivery, and this really saved me.

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Yoga class where I can bring my newborn

April 2012

Is there a yoga class I can go to and take my newborn baby with me to do yoga? I saw pictures of classes like this, but I don't know where they exist in Berkeley.

There's a great class that I go to in Oakland. It's great! Babies do yoga with a patent, breastfeed, crawl around the studio, etc. Cara is a very skilled instructor who can tailor the class to everyone's needs and adjust to the needs of babies. Here's the info: Join Cara Judea Alhadeff and her baby boy, Zazu, for our new Parent & Baby Yoga class. . Our Parent-Baby Yoga class encourages moms, dads, and care-givers to: *Regain our vitality and endurance *Rebuild core-strength while releasing the shoulders and back *Release tension throughout the whole body *Incorporate relaxation techniques into the joyful chaos of parenting *Support developing neuromuscular relationships in our babies *Open new ways of connecting with our babies *Build a community of supportive friends . Thursdays 2:30-3:30pm (so we can get our babies home in time for their afternoon nap) Barefoot Movement Yoga Studio, Telegraph and 17th in Oakland $10 drop-in Barefoot Movement is baby-proofed so babies can freely play. The class is open to pre-crawling, crawling, and walking babies. For more info please visit You are welcome to contact me at yoga [at] or 814 470 5659. This is a specialty class, so it will not be found on the Barefoot Movement website. Jinnylw

Yogalayam! This class is great, because you do simple moves with your baby in the beginning, then you do infant massage, and then they have babysitters who take the babies away and you do yoga without the baby! We loved going! Happy Baby Yogacizer

There are great post-natal yoga classes for Moms and babies at Yoga Tree on Telegraph- Kat is a fabulous teacher and it's a great community of women! Jenny

Check out - her new mother's workout Is gentle and seems to be based in yoga and Pilates. She is very knowledgeable about physiology and all of The body changes that a new mother experiences. She gives Individual attention to help you with your particular concerns. She has a very small studio, is set up for moms & infants. There is a child care assistant present in the same Room and the babies are included in the end of the class. I think you can pay for a single class or a multi-class pass.

7th Heaven Yoga on 7th street near Ashby has a Post Natal Yoga class where babies are welcome. I absolutely love the 7th Heaven Yoga studio, fabulous staff and instructors and easy parking! Visit their website for more info: Yoga Mama

Definately check out Melanie Greens class on Thursdays 11:15-12:45 at Berkeley Yoga 1250 Addison St # 209 Berkeley, CA 94702 Melanies web site She has 10 years experience, most often has a wonderful helper to sooth and hold babies and is excellent with both mama's and babies. It was an oasis for me until my little one was walking. And my son LOVES her as much as I do. Elizabeth

From personal experience, I highly recommend the postnatal yoga classes at Yogalayam (, currently offered on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 10am. Saraswathi leads these classes with an incredible wealth of knowledge about yoga (and babies), and with specific exercises to help heal the post-partum body. The class is divided into three parts: first, movement with the babies; second, guided infant massage; and third, yoga for the moms while the babies are cared for by gentle helpers. A yoga mat and baby bed will be all set up waiting for you when you arrive. And when your baby outgrows this class, there is a class for parents of toddlers, also excellent. Happy yoga mama

Post C-section yoga

Aug 2006

I'm looking for a mom/baby or postpartum yoga class in Oakland or Alameda. Although I've done yoga for awhile, having had a c- section I'm not ready for ''regular'' yoga, so I'd like to be in a class where the instructor was knowledgeable about what I should/shouldn't do. I've seen mom/baby offered at Mountain and Monkey Yoga Shala, but the times don't work for me. I'm looking for a Tues. or Thurs. am or weekend class. Any ideas? Thanks, Julie

Check out postpartum classes at In the first 6 months of the postpartum phase make sure you work with a postpartum specialist. There is a certain protocol & progression rate following a C-section. Yoga is fine but basic pre-Pilates is your best postpartum option. Partum Me! holds classes in Alameda. Call 510.523.1900 for the current schedule. I also encourage women to do a couple of private sessions to address the specific needs of their postpartum body. Every woman recovers their body at a different rate. Feel free to call or email with questions or concerns. Suzanne

Try the Women's Health Center in Walnut Creek: Mommy and Me Yoga Start getting back into shape, safely, with your baby alongside in this class. Moms must be at least six weeks postpartum (four to five weeks is OK with an M.D.'s written approval). Sorry, no refunds or make ups. 1656 N. California Blvd., Suite 100 \xe2\x80\xa2 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 \xe2\x80\xa2 ( 9 2 5 ) 9 4 1 - 7 9 0 0 yoga mommy

My daughter and I loved the postpartum and infant massage class with Lynn at Flow Like a River Yoga on Telegraph. While I did not have a c-section, Lynn treated each person in my class with individual care. I travelled all the way from Hayward to attend this class! Just talk to Lynn and I'm sure she would design a program that would meet your specific needs. The baby massage portion was so useful and nice, and the care that the center offered while mommies did their postpartum yoga was terrific. I'm just sad that my 14 month old is now too old for this class and too young for the mom and toddler class. Classes are Thursday mornings at 10:30AM 2718 Telegraph Avenue between Ward & Derby Berkeley, California 94705 Kari

There is a fabulous and nurturing class for new moms at the Yogalaym on Alcatrez on the Berkeley/Oakland border. The teacher Saraswathi is uniquely and highly talented - she blends together her love of supporting pregnant and parenting moms with refined knowledge of the body and yoga. She provides yoga instruction for people with disabilities so she can help tailor postures for all types of concerns/goals. Good luck and blessings Bonnie

Hi - I'd highly recommend you try the classes at 4th St Yoga in Berkeley. I took classes there from 2 different instructors (Barbara V. and the other I can't recall) and both were very knowledgeable and sensitive to mother's needs. Jennifer

I teach a postpartum yoga class at 7th Heaven on 7th st at Ashby in Berkeley. We now have two classes per week; Mondays and Thursdays 11.15am to 12.45. Yes you can bring your baby! You can bring whatever you feel you and your little one will need. A favorite blanket and toy, the car seat for a change of scene. Some mamas' even bring those play mats with dangling toys to score some extra moments of hands free time. I recommend waiting until postpartum bleeding has ceased before attending. The class is a gentle reintroduction to our bodies in motion with an emphasis on easing tension in neck, shoulders and back and rebuilding core strength. Mats and props are provided by the studio at no charge Rosy

It's Yoga Kids offers Mom & Baby postpartum yoga classes for newborns to precrawlers on Thursdays and Saturdays and for parents with crawlers/walkers, classes on Mondays and Fridays. The instructors are very knowledgable and there is free parking at the studio in the Presidio of SF which is a great place to have lunch nearby afterwards. Michelle

I would highly recommend Barbara Papini's class at the Yoga Room in Berkeley. Barbara has been teaching yoga for a long time and is really skilled at personalizing each class. Great for people who have never taken yoga before AND experienced yogis. I can't recommend Barbara more Annie


There are a couple of postnatal yoga classes. One is 4th Street Yoga (1809 4th St, Berkeley 845-9642) and the other is at Yogalayam (1717 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley 655-3664). You can take your baby to both. I went to classes at Yogalayam and found them to be very gentle, nurturing and restorative. There is also something called the New Mother's Workout taught by a woman named Karen, but gosh, I can't find a flier to pass along the number. Zoe