Post-C Section Friendly Yoga Classes (In-Person)

Hi All!

 I am looking for a yoga class that is able adjust moves for  Diastasis Recti post C-section. I tried yoga classes offered at my gym and it made the DR separation worse (I don't think the instructor understood the physiology of DR), so now looking for instructors that are experienced in post-partum concerns in the El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley area. Thanks!

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The Bay Area expert on postpartum yoga is Annemaria Rajala. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Take good care!

You should check out Annemaria Yoga. She is great and really focuses on pre and post-natal yoga. I took the Connecting Core workshop online (because of the pandemic), but I think she is also offering some in person classes in Berkeley. I highly recommend the Connected Core workshop, it really helped me strengthen my core after delivery. She had some techniques for assessing abdominal separation and talked a bit about DR as well, although I didn't get it. I had a really hard time getting back into any kind of exercise after my vaginal delivery, and this really saved me.