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Magna-tiles - where to buy?

Nov 2011

I want to buy a large set of Magna-tiles for my kids (100 piece set) but was kind of shocked at the price, around $100 through Amazon. Does anyone know of a better price, or is this what I'll have to pay? anon

I think that's the going rate. They're expensive, but it's one of the best things I have ever bought for my kids. We've had them for 4 years, and they still get played with everyday, by all three of my kids. My oldest has been playing with them since he was three, and hasn't aged out of them at all. Go for it! super fan

Legos with Girl Figures


My daughter is graduating from duplos to legos and she wants little figures to use with the legos. The only figures I could find were boys/men and she wants girls/women or some mixture of figures that includes a reasonable number of girls. Does anyone know of a store that has these? Carol

There are a few lines of Lego products which are sold in stores in Europe (well at least Italy) and not here. One of them is called Belville and has a fairy tale theme. There are Lego dolls too. You can buy them directly at Luigi
To the person looking for girl type legos. We were just in Disneyland, at the Lego store in Downtown Disney they had sets of princess themed girl legos in pink, purple, beige, etc. colors, with castle and princess accessories. I have never seen them in other stores, but maybe Lego has a website, or phone number you can call, and maybe order them. Hope this helps, Lynn
This URL might help you find some products: You can also check this URL for a Minnie Mouse Lego kit: The latter can be found at Wal-Mart or Target. The special girls products may have to be ordered directly from Lego since I haven't found them at retail. Some of the boys kits have girl figurines but they can be hard to distinguish.
In the Lakeshore catalog, they have a Lego Community People set (LG9293) which looks to be a mix of males and females doing various jobs plus their tools. The closest Lakeshore is in San Leandro, but you could also try Good luck. Kitrena
I would tell my daughter that the Legos figures ARE girls. How do we know they aren't? If you believe girls can do all the things boys (and Legos) do, its just a matter of whether or not they wear pants to do them. OK, the pirates with facial hair are definitely male....(aren't they?) We were recently at the Lego store at Disneyland and I was tickled to see that the crowd at the primary colors Lego table was about 50/50 boys/girls -- and that EVERYONE was avoiding the girl table (ie PINK and light blue emphasis). Good luck! Heather

Radio Flyer wagons

From: Diana (10/98)

Rockridge Kids sells Radio Flyer wagons new - but they're pretty expensive.