MagnaTiles or Connetix

I am trying to decide between magna tiles and connetix. I have heard some people say Connetix works better. Any experience/ recommendations? Also, how many tiles would you recommend? 

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RE: MagnaTiles or Connetix ()

MagnaTiles, hands down. They are the toy that keeps on giving! Super fun for toddlers, older kids, even parents! We are actually VERY happy with the brand called PicassoTiles (sold on Amazon) as opposed to the "Brand name" MagnaTiles - they're all compatible, but the PicassoTiles are a bit more affordable, and really well-reviewed.

 For 2 kids, we now have 2 sets of 100 tiles, plus another fun 42-pack of different shapes... I'd start with at LEAST a 100-pack.