How do you store your Lego?


We have been storing our Lego in an Ikea system of 6 drawers, sorted by color. But we are quickly outgrowing this, and I am looking for creative ways to store Lego in a way that is easy to access. I  also would love solutions that facilitate a cleaner building space, i.e. organized so kids don't need to dump out a big pile to search for the piece they need. : )

What has worked for your family?

Thanks in advance!

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We use 1 gallon zip loc bags stored in [wherever]

One can spot target colors /pieces before dumping a whole bin etc

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We use this bulk storage container. The big advantage is that the parachute/cord system lets them dump everything and spread it out on the parachute out and then clean it  up in like 3 seconds. There’s no way to organize by color but we love it!

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The eternal question! I don't know if there's a perfect solution, because they all come down to whether your kids will use the system you create, but here's what (mostly) worked for us with 3 Lego fanatics in the house: 1) clear plastic shoe boxes for each color of "regular" bricks - 1x1s, 2x6s, etc. - labeled with the color name; 2) clear plastic tackle boxes (the kind with the latching flip-up lid and adjustable compartments - Plano Stowaways are nice) for smaller and unusual parts - we have a compartment full of Lego hats, one full of weapons, one full of gems, etc; 3) a larger bin or tray where things go when they don't fit in other categories, when we needed to clean up quickly and didn't have time for a fancy sort, or when kids didn't quite want to take them apart yet. We used a bookcase with shelves set just tall enough for the shoe boxes to slide in - you can fit in a lot that way and it's easy to see what's what  I'm not a big plastic person, but clear plastic is a life-saver here because even if it's all in one bin, you can lift it up and look at what's sunk down to the bottom - my kids for some reason used to take the hands and heads off their minifigs and that's how we'd find them (well, that and vacuuming...). My kids were good at sorting the bricks by color, less good about putting special pieces back in the right compartments, but sometimes when I needed a moment of peace I'd just pull out the random bin and sort all the pieces back to where they belonged while they were building alongside me - it gave me a sense of accomplishment, anyway. :) Having a large tray with sides to build on worked out well - it keeps all the little pieces contained, and is easy to pick up and move if you need the floor or table back, need to get it away from a younger sibling, etc. And if they do need to dump, put down a sheet first so you can corral everything. I know some people like to build on a cloth with a drawstring and then just pull it all together when they put it away, but I think that makes it hard to find what you're looking for, especially if you have a lot of Lego.

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Your system actually sounds great.  Ours has a variation with plastic bins with lids with types of stuff - wheels, windows etc.  I have two big kids and one little.  In the 6-15 year range I was constantly surprised by how “ strangely satisfying” dumping out categories was so we focused on putting away during builds more than leaving in the boxes 100% of the time.