Cancer Support Community

Walnut Creek
Editors' Notes: 

Cancer Support Community was formerly known asThe Wellness Community

I am a cancer survivor of over 10 years and found the free support groups and programs at Cancer Support Community in Walnut Creek to be invaluable. They offer a host of programs for people with all types of cancers and their families/caregivers. I am still in touch with the people from my newly-diagnosed group- all these years later. 

Best of luck to you in your search for support at this challenging time. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2008

Re: Cancer caregiver support group
I'm so sorry about your spouse. My thoughts are with you and your family. I know from experience this is not easy. I live in Lamorinda and found the Wellness Community in Walnut Creek to be fantastic for care-givers. It helped to meet others in-person who were experiencing or had experienced what we were.. And, they were so uplifting and inspiring! .Also, from what I understand, Alta Bates offers great support services too. I didn't use the online route because the ones that I stumbled upon were sometimes too depressing. I liked the in-person groups facilitated by a counselor. Good luck to you. been there

Feb 2008

Re: How to help out-of-town friend with breast cancer?
The Wellness Community in Walnut Creek is really a great resource. Even if you are not a group type of person they have a lot of classes and referrals available.

Feb 2007

Re: Help needed for family with cancer patient
The family lives close to The Wellness Community. Many free services are provided to cancer patients and their families. In addition to support groups, there are educational events, yoga and other stress management classes, art and music events, and individual counseling. Call (925) 933-0107 Nancy

Sept 2005

Re: Resources for mom of 5-year-old dealing with breast cancer
I don't know where you are, but i think that one of the best resources in the bay area is The Wellness Community in Walnut Creek. They provide a wide variety of free support groups for people living with cancer as well as their families and caregivers. They even have a special program for children. In addition to support groups, they have a variety of other resources and an exellent library in a cozy setting. You can check out their offerings at Best wishes to you and your family. Tara