Suicide Prevention

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March 2004
The current contact for Alameda county:
Crisis Support Services of Alameda County

(800) 309-2131 24-hour crisis line

(510) 420-2460 business line >

P.O. Box 3120 Oakland, CA 94609

September 1999

This is in reply to the posting regarding a therapist that specializes in Suicide Prevention. I am not sure where your sister lives. However, most cities / counties have suicide prevention services available. I have enclosed the phone number for the center in Berkeley. I am sure that they will be able to provide some advice and therapist referrals. Good Luck! Nikki

Suicide Prevention-Crisis Svc

Call 480-998-9331 (Scottsdale, AZ) to get a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner near you to help. I wish I had known about physio-philosophy for my own sister. This is *not* a band-aid, but gets to underlying causes to help the body-mind heal. My heart goes out to you. Nori

You need to take her to a hospital emergency room so she can be evaluated immediately. If she is at risk of killing herself they can hospitalize her immediately until she is no longer suicidal. If she has a plan then you need to seek immediate help for her. Good luck.

I don't have a doctor recommendation, but a great resource for you and your family is Crisis Support Services of Alameda County. The number (which is different depending on what part of the county you are calling from) is listed in the phone book and through information. CSS may not be able to refer you to particular doctors, but they do operate a 24-hour crisis hotline staffed by trained caring volunteers. They do suicide prevention and other crisis support as well. Give your sister the number, and maybe the rest of your family too --CSS can offer helpful advice and support, because it is important that you take care of yourselves, too. They also have some community referrals, and offer some other services (ask them). Good luck.

re: referrals to help the sister who is suicidal: There is a psychologist in Albany named Leah Statman who is also a Jin Shin practitioner. I knew her in a very different context (I took a parenting class from her) but I think she might be very helpful if you want to try Jin Shin. She has two numbers listed in the phone book: 525-5080 and 528-2984. Betsy