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Hi there, My children lost their other parent to suicide a little over a year ago. Circle of Care has been very good for them, its a peer support group for kids and their surviving parent. There are also " grief camps" that my kids love. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more about these. 

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Jan 2010

Re: Support for parent dealing with grief
If you have a child (I think you ID yourself as a parent) and you are grieving and your child is grieving and affected by a loss, definitely go to Circle of Care in Oakland. They have grief groups for adults and kids with other kids their age and they also have individual and family counseling. It immensely helped a friend of mine when her husband died. Hope for healing

May 2008

Re: Support group for young widow

I found myself in a similar situation about a year and a half ago, when my husband suffered severe brain damage. Our children were then 9 and 6. The East Bay Agency for Children runs a program called Circle of Care, which runs support groups for families coping with the loss or serious illness of a family member. They're not in Lamorinda, but I recommend that you try them anyway, for yourself and your kids. The adults have separate groups that run simultaneously with the children's. Their website is at: Ann

I am so sorry for your loss.

There is a wonderful place called ''Circle of Care'' that provides grief support groups on Thurday evenings for both surviving spouse and for the kids. They all meet at the same time, but everyone has their own age appropriate group. It is in Oakland, but right off highway 13 and well worth checking out. Find them on the web at or call their group coordinator Jess at 531-7551 x 195.

There is also a great web community called ''Young Widows'' you can check out in the middle of the night....

Good luck to you and your family during this difficult time. Stephanie

Circle of Care in Oakland (just through the tunnel off of Hwy 13 ) has loss groups for you and your children held at the same time. I cannot recommend them highly enough for support as well as information about other resources in the area. The groups may be taking a summer break right around this time, but there is usually a summer play day that you might want to attend simply to be around others dealing with life threatening illness and loss. Here's the link.

We are dealing with a life threatening illness and the prospect of loss. Being around other families has been such a relief. Call Circle of Care @ (510) 531-7551 ext.109

Feb 2008

Re: Helping 10-year-old grand-daughter with her father's suicide
I highly reccomend a group - Circle of care - for your daughter and her kids & you if you are interested. If your daughter does not want to attend, offer to take the kids for her. Its wonderful, especially for kids who have had a parent die of suicide (can be extremely isolating). Sliding scale/no fee if the family cannot pay. Located in Oaklad. 531-7551. Children's grief looks very different than adult grief. Check out (the Dougy Center of Portland Or) for more info. good luck

Feb 2008

Re: Neighbor with colon cancer and 2 young sons
I don't have specific information about children's books about cancer, but can offer two resources for information. Circle of Care in Oakland is a good resource for parents and children experiencing life threatening illness, and Cancer Compass has an online message board where you can ask questions and receive answers from other patients, caregivers, and friends. The information is out there if you know where to look. Susan

Feb 2008

Re: Navigating breast cancer as mom of two
Circle of Care, part of East Bay Agency for Kids ( is a great little agency in Oakland, near the Mormon Temple, they have support groups for people will illness, their caregivers, e.g., husband, and their kids. My son loved going there. ...

Oct 2007

Re: Mom dying of cancer, need support group
There is an East Bay agency called Circle of Care that provides support for people who are dealing with illness or terminal disease. They have support groups for people with disease, family members, and children of parents who are ill. You should be able to find the phone nunber on the web or in the white pages. They are a wonderful organization. Rebecca

Feb 2007

Re: Help needed for family with cancer patient
When I had cancer, my family and I went to the support groups at Circle of Care, a publicly supported program in Oakland. The phone number is 510-531-7551, they provide support for children and families going through illness or loss. They have support groups for people with illness, caregivers, and children. Good luck to your co-worker and her family. anon

Sept 2005

Re: Resources for mom of 5-year-old dealing with breast cancer
There is also Circle of Care which has support groups for parents and children. They meet in Oakland near the Mormon Temple. I can't find their number at the moment but they will have it at the Women's Cancer Resource Center. They also can provide more individual support for your child, particularly if you don't have other resources.

Jan 2005

Re: Coping with grief about child's illness
I reccomend grief counseling -- call Circle of Care - they are in Oakland and specialize in working with families facing illness, loss & grief (groups & individual counseling for children & parents). Maybe just have a few sessions with a counselor there to get you through this time. Their phone: 531- 7551. take care

July 2004

Re: Support for young mother who lost her husband
I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. My husband died suddenly last year when my daughter was 2 years old. I found that Circle of Care (510-531-7551) was a very supportive program.They offer both group and individual counseling. The groups don't run in the summer but you or your friend can start the intake process now.

January 2004

Re: Therapist for 9-year-old's anxiety/grief
PediatriCare is one of the very few programs of its kind in the country devoted exclusively to the needs of children and their families who face loss, illness, and trauma. Services include support groups, home-based services, outpatient counseling and crisis intervention. Of special note is therapist, Emily Weaver. She's great! Wanda

Editor Note: Emily Weaver is now in private practice.

June 2003

Re: Grief support for young mother

The best option for grief support groups in our community is Circle of Care, formerly know as PediatriCare. They provide services to children starting with toddlers on throught teenagers. Groups focus on illness of a parent or death of a parent. Groups are held concurrently so parents meet in their group and at the same time kids meet in theirs. They are located in Oakland. Their number is 510-531-7551. Good luck.

April 2001

PediatriCare, a program of East Bay Agency for Children, offers support groups and home based counseling services for families coping with illness, bereavement or loss. Children's ongoing support groups, for 5 to 16 year olds, provide a safe place to share experiences and explore feelings. Parent/caregiver groups meet at the same time and location. We also have a group for teens with a parent who has HIV/AIDS as well as a group for teens with a parent who has cancer. We also hold loss and grief groups for parents, teens and younger children. All groups are held during weekday evenings in Oakland. To register for a group, or find out more, call Pe diatriCare at 510-531-7551. PediatriCare is a non-profit organization and services are provided on a sliding scale. Jacqueline Bruhn, Volunteer Coordinator PediatriCare
510-531-7551, ext. 173
jacqueline AT ebac DOT org

Nov 2001
Re: Grief Counselor for children (Nov 2001)
There is a great group called PediatriCare, 208-3535, that helps families cope with death and terminal illness. They're based in Oakland and have many ongoing support groups as well as counseling.

There is an organization called Pediatricare in Oakland that specializes in helping children and families understand and work through grief. The services are free and include groups for parents and kids separately as well as individual services. THeir number is 531-7551. Good luck. Tom

RE: last issue's post about PediatriCare Teens coping with illness, bereavement, loss: I would highly recommend Pediatricare. Our family used this service for several years during the illness and after the death. They are wonderful people. (April 2001)