resources after friend's suicide

One of my oldest and closest friends killed herself last year. While she definitely had encountered some challenging circumstances prior to this decision, she had never had any mental health issues earlier in her life, so it was quite unexpected. I think about her almost daily-- not necessarily in a grieving way, but trying to understand. And also trying to think of a way to honor her memory, as she was an amazing person and mother. If anyone has experience with a similar situation and found resources which were helpful, I would appreciate your sharing them. Or just words of wisdom :) 

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Hi there, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and really appreciate you reaching out for support. In terms of resources, I would recommend Crisis Support Services of Alameda County (1-800-273-8255). They offer therapy groups specifically for survivors of suicide, referrals to other resources, and a 24-hour crisis/emotional support line with trained counselors (1-800-309-2131). The support line benefits callers in active crisis but can also provide confidential, brief, emotional support to anyone so that there's simply a safe space to talk about what you're going through. 

I think a period of grieving (just sitting with the absence of your friend and feeling the change) could be good. Maybe write a letter to her (that you never send, or maybe burn) to get closure would help?

My best friend’s brother killed himself in 2020. Even though he’d talked about it before, it was still shocking. One thing that’s helped them is continuing to get together to celebrate his birthday at a large family dinner where they can share happy memories of him. They also participated in grief counseling at Hinds Hospice, but they aren’t located in the Bay Area. You may contact them anyway to see if they have a Bay Area recommendation? Here’s their resource page: