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This is not a therapist, but a very helpful organization:  Kid's Turn.  The parents and the kids get training in different workshops at the same time/place or on Zoom.  The parents are split up into different groups so they don't have to process together.  And the kids are in their own group.  I think it's a 6-wk program.  It was extremely helpful to me & my 6 year old at the time. I wish you the best of luck.

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April 2010

Re: Great Co-Parenting Therapist Needed
I'm sure other people will recommend them as well, but Kids Turn ( offers co-parenting classes. You might have to wait a couple of months for one that fits your schedule, but I found the classes to be really helpful. Just being in the same room with other divorced parents was really useful, and Kids Turn gives some good tips and tricks about how to make things go more smoothly. Kids go to classes too -- one of my daughters found the class useful, but the other one didn't get much out of it. anon

Re: Divorce & Children's Issues
A friend in social work was generous enough to pass on the following regarding _counseling for a 4yo_:

... tell her that she should sign herself and her child up for Kid's Turn, which does psychoeducational groups for divorced and separating families (415-437-0700). She can also call Kaiser to find out what her mental health benefits are and then ask her pediatrician for referrals to a Kaiser therapist that works with kids. If that doesn't work then she can call WestCoast Children's Center (527-7249) and if they can't see them they can refer out. Hope this is helpful. (1998)

Sounds like you are asking about a group called Kid's Turn. I have been a workshop leader for them. It is a six-week workshop, meeting once a week, either on Saturdays during the day, or a weekday evening. Because of vacation schedules, they usually don't conduct workshops during the summer, but you should call them to check on that. Ideally, both of the parents attend, but it is a requirement that at least one attends. For each workshop, there are two parents' groups, so that former spouses are not in the same group. They work on parenting and communication skills for divorced/separated parents. Kids' groups are divided by age: 5-7, 8-10, and 10-14. (A support group for teens was being discussed, but I'm not sure whether that got off the ground or not). The kids' workshops focus on communication skills and peer support. The entire workshop is focused on kids, and is not a group therapy opportunity for the parents. Fees are on a sliding scale, based on income. The Oakland sessions are at the Presbyterian Church on College Ave , near Dreyers. There are workshops in Alameda, SF, Marin, and Walnut Creek, as well. I don't know what the full price is exactly, but would guess around $200 or so per family. 835-8445 is the East Bay # for the organization. Their main office is in SF.(I don't have that # handy). They don't make millions off of anyone. Good luck. Jeffrey

I participated in a program for families going through separation/divorce called Kids Turn. It is excellent. I believe it is based in San Francisco and has workshops throughout the Bay Area. I don't have a current phone #. Phyllis

I don't know the names of good books for you and your kids re:divorce, but I do know of a good workshop for you and your kids to attend: A Kids Turn 510.835.8445. This is a terrific resource for families during a difficult transition. Good luck. jhelwig