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We just finished with extensive neuropsych testing for my 6yo daughter at Westcoast Children's Clinic in Oakland. The Dr. whom we were placed with was AMAZING! I suspect anyone you get there will be fantastic. My kiddo has a rare disorder which causes anxiety and OCD. The Dr went above and beyond to research it and figure out how it was affecting my kid. She was also an amazing advocate for us in talking to her school. Unfortunately, she is leaving Westcoast at the end of this month and opening up her own practice in Rockridge, doing the same testing, etc. It actually might be easier to get in to her, because we had to wait awhile to get into Westcoast (totally worth it!). Dr's name is Rebecca Gitenstein (dr.rebecca.gitenstein [at] gmail.com)

Good luck Mama!

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Sept 2006

We are looking for a therapist for our 14 year old son, we are open to family therapy as well. Does anyone have experience with West Coast Children's Center in El Cerrito? We've heard good things about Dr. Lenny Levis who is affiliated with them. Thanks
Those anxious people

Our son, who is now 15, went to social skills classes at WCCC for a year when he was 10. I don't know if the same couselors are there but ours was an overwhelmingly positive experience. We had interviewed/explored a few other centers regarding their groups but WCCC was the only one where the counselors immediately engaged my child and helped him feel comfortable and listened to. They really seemed child centered as opposed to trying to fit the child into their particular viewpoint of therapy. They used effective play therapies that were age appropriate and were never patronizing. There was a relaxed atmosphere but, at the same time, it was obvious that any child's needs were heard.

Dec 2002

Re: 4th grader's poor social skills
We used West Coast Children's Center, out in El Cerrito. Their number is 510-527-7249, and you could leave a message of what you're looking for. The person running the group we used was Jim Beatty, out of his Berkeley studio, though I don't know if he's doing them this year or not. He also runs a regular summer camp in Berkeley - I think it's called ''ha ha this-a-way'' or something similar. He was working with Barbara Nova in the social skills groups, but I believe she is only working in Marin county now and he has a new partner. spirited boy's mom

Re: Therapist who works with teenagers (June 1999)
West Coast Childrens Center runs some groups for teens. Their number is 527-7249. They have a racially diverse population and have some groups called Senior Coed Groups for 15-18 year olds, meaning high school. They also have some social skills building groups for younger kids. Best to call and get a bit more information.
Sherry (6/99)