Michael Simon, LMFT


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Nov 2005

Re: Therapist needed for Super Stressed Mom
I recently saw Michael Simon, who is a therapist located in the Rockridge area. While I originally started sessions to help me get organized as a mom feeling stressed and overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the demands of kids, school, running a household, etc. In the end, there were unresolved issues that came up which I ended up working on that helped me deal with the issues I was initially trying to cope with.

I thought that Michael Simon was great in helping me sort through things and he is very pro-mom and encouraging of you doing things for yourself while taking the time that you need so that you are not stressed and in turn are a happy mom. He also does drop in appointments for parenting issues that come up. You can view his website at: www.affordabletherapy.com or 433-2959. -anon

Re: Therapist for husband's childhood demons For the person who wanted a therapist who works with men concerning money, anger and self-esteem issues I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michael Simon. He is an outstanding therapist here in Oakland and helped my husband and I work through some very difficult times in our marriage when we thought we wouldn't make it. We've referred our friends to him and everyone has had a very positive, powerful and helpful experience in their work with him, especially the men who've seen him. I think his number is 433-2959, but I know he's on College Avenue in Oakland.

Re: Therapist for husband's childhood demons My husband is seeing Michael Simon (recommended on the website) for some very concerning depression he had from a rotten work environment. He seems quite happy with his approachability ,intelligence and quite practical suggestions. He backed off on a diagnosis of manic-depression when it appeared my husband was uncomfortable with it (and thought it was off target) and is instead focusing on the things that my husband has decided are important, which include family relationships. He's been working with him for a few months and it seems to have helped quite a bit in terms of mood stabilization. He doesn't take any insurance, and I believe he is an intern under Joshua Coleman (?).

Oct 1999

Re: Therapist for a child
I would recommend Michael Simon, a therapist in the Rockridge area of Oakland (near Berkeley). He is excellent with children and families, and one of his specialties is in working with children/parenting issues around divorce and separation. I think he's also led groups on divorce/separation and parenting. I don't know if he takes insurance, though. Kirsten


Re: Therapist for adolescent
I would reccommend Michael Simon, a therapist in the Rockridge area of Oakland. He is an Marriage Family and Child Intern (so he's less expensive than a licensed therapist who doesn't work with a supervisor) and does a lot of good work with children and parents. He's given workshops and lectures at family service agencies in the area, too, on working with kids and parents. You can reach him 510 433-2959. Myriam

June 1999

Re: Working Mothers' Issues
I would definitely recommend contacting Michael Simon,M.S. in Oakland (Rockridge area). He works on a sliding scale and works a lot with parents, parenting issues (working moms/dads; single parenting; parenting through divorce, etc.) as well as having a background in academia. He's a great therapist in general but has expertise in those areas. His phone is (510) 433-2959. -- Kirsten

June 1999

Re: Therapist who works with teenagers
Therapist for teens: Though his office is in Rockridge, I recommend psychotherapist Michael Simon 510/433-2959 who has extensive experience with adolescents and children (as well as adults) and also works on a sliding scale. It's been my experience that male teens prefer to work with a male therapist.

In response to the parents looking for family therapy with their 17 year-old in the Berkeley/Albany area, I would reccommend contacting Michael Simon, M.S. at 510 433-2959. He is a wonderful family, couples, child and adolescent therapist and while he doesn't take insurance (I think the people who wanted a referral have Pacific Care), he works on a sliding-fee basis(from about $30 to $60 per session), so you can end up paying about the same as you might if you had insurance, without having to go through the insurance hassles around confidentiality, getting sessions approved a few at a time, etc.