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March 2005

Finally after years and years of us pleading with her, my sister is finally ready to seek therapy. She has had years of issues around intimacy, abandonment, depression, aniexty and panic. So this is a really big step for her. She is also slow to open up and talk so it would be great to have someone who can draw her out. She is looking for someone in the Pac Heights, Marina area who could meet with her early evenings or on weekends. Thanks!

Try Sandra Lewis, PhD on Union Street. She is the best therapist (she is actually a psychologist) I have ever seen. She gets right to the heart of the matter and doesnt let you beat around the bush. If you want to make progress call her: 415-567-3882. Now Happy

I recommend Marc Wallis. He is very sensitive and competent and sees individuals and couples. I think he can see people on Saturdays. His phone number is 415-820-9609.

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August 2008

Does anyone have any experience and recommendations for Alison McCabe? I am looking for a therapist that can help me with an eating disorder, anxiety, depression and career guidance. Need Help

I took a class on anxiety management with her at Kaiser..I enjoyed it..found it very helpful ..the group aspect..and great resources from her and others in the class..if you embrace the exercises,,they really help.

I see Alison for similar issues. I think she's great.

June 2006

Re: Seeking a therapist
I'd like to share a treasure I found out about through a friend - the Berkeley Free Clinic provides peer counseling for free (but I think donations are welcome/accepted). I know that I have benefitted from being able to talk to an empathetic counselor....They hold drop-ins on Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 6:45, and then if you have a long-term relationship with a counselor, you can schedule sessions at mutual convenience.... Here's their website: http://www.berkeleyfreeclinic.org/ and their phone is 1-800-6-clinic of 510-548-2570 anonymous

June 2006

Re: Seeking a therapist
Kathryn Hirt is a therapist I have been seeing for 8 months, and she has been an invaluable support. I have felt skeptical about doing therapy for years because I didn't want someone just to say ''how does that feel?'' repeatedly and a lot of ''mmmm hmmm''s so it took me some time to finally make an appt. Kathryn has helped me immensely. I am seeing her for issues of anxiety and depression, as well as self-esteem, and feel blessed to have found someone who is extremely insightful and astute, but also compassionate, kind and REAL. Down to earth. I'd be happy to tell you more about my experience if you want to contact me, or contact her yourself. Her office is in Piedmont. Her rates are average. I think she also sees couples and is great with women, and I bet would be great with men. Here's her #-510-220-3558. I have gotten so many great referrals from BPN and wanted to share the wealth. Sarah sarah March 2006

For the many people who inquire about psychotherapists, I just wanted to let all of you know of a great resource, an information and referral search tool (an online directory) on the Alameda County Psychological Association's website: http://www.alamedapsych.org/iandr/iandrsearch.php

You can select a psychologist by population served, areas of practice, office location, payment method, etc. The psychologists listed are all fully licensed by the Board of Psychology and are members of the California Psychological Association. Of course, you can also call for a referral at 510- 433-9580, but I find that many people like the convenience of an online directory. Good luck. M.K.


Therapist Lloyd Willey has asked not to be reviewed on the Berkeley Parents Network, so previous reviews have been removed and we cannot accept new requests for reviews. More info here .

Sept 2005

I'm wondering if anyone has seen Karen Barnes (MFT in Oakland) as a therapist. I need to find someone on my insurance plan and she was recommended, but not by someone I know. I'd love to find out more about her style. I'm particularly looking for someone who can help me with perimenopausal issues as well as other things. Other recommendations would be appreciated too. Thanks

I have been a patient of Karen Barnes for about 3 years now and have been very happy with her. I have found that she asks questions, affirms what she is hearing me say and helps me get to the next step. She never gives advice (unless I ask). She has a very professional way of ''reading between the lines'' and helping me understand myself and my family better. I hope that helps. She has truly been a miracle worker in my life. Although I do not have issues of perimenopause that you mentioned, I do have PMS issues that she has helped me through, so I can't see why she wouldn't be able to help in your area of focus as well. Best of luck in whomever you find! J.


Does anyone have experience, positive or negative with: Therapist Sally Clark MFCC especially dealing with children's issues? Thanks very much.
I saw Sally myself for a couple of years, and highly recommend her. I think she'd be great with children as well as adults, as I know her to be very compassionate, gentle and insightful. She has experience with pre and perinatal psychology, which I found especially helpful as a parent and as someone who works with babies, to become more aware of how fully conscious babies are even before they are born. Lucia