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  • Oakland YMCA day camps

    I'm considering sending my daughter to the Oakland YMCA day camp (Splash camp) this summer. I'm looking for more recent feedback on experiences with either Splash Camp or the regular camp, particularly for children who aren't that into most sports. Thanks.

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Swim camp for 6 year old

April 2013

We've had our 6 year old taking lessons at the Berkeley Y for two years. I'd love to see if there are any camps that have swimming once or even twice a day to really get him swimming and breathing on his own. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

The Oakland YMCA has Splash camp. My daughter did it last year. They have a daily swimming lesson and a free swim, along with other typical day camp activities. Carrie

Downtown Oakland YMCA Camp?

Nov 2011

Does anyone have any experience with the downtown Oakland YMCA camp programs? They sound great, but I don't know anyone who has used them. Are the staff kind to the children? Any input appreciated. Thanks! Anonymous

I asked my son your question. He's a big, strong 6 y.o. who has attended several summer day camps & holiday day camps at the Downtown Oakland Y.  But even he said,''those kids are too rough!'' It may be that the counselors have to yell because the kids need it!
Camping elsewhere nowadays

My daughter attended the Oakland YMCA camps in the Summer of 2009 and really liked them. The activities were very varied; often I wished I could take off work and go to camp with her. The staff was extremely kind. I heard no complaints from her about yelling or anything (and I would have if they had) and, within a day or two, at sign-in they welcomed her by name and smiling.

Other ''pluses'' of the camp: (1) the kids and staff are very diverse, (2) the drop off and pick up times are great for working parents, (3) the activities changed from week to week, and (4) the kids were treated well by the counselors and CITs.

My daughter would have been happy to go back the next year, but I changed jobs and it was no longer convenient. Mom of happy camper